August 19, 2023


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The ideas are good and should be the starting point for any project, but one idea is not enough to achieve success or aspire to a life filled with triumphs, you can check it if you ask people about what ideas they need to develop to achieve what is proposed, it will surely mention dozens of ideas, then the next question isthen why don’t you develop these ideas? And you will notice some people begin to use a lot of justifications for not doing what they think is possible to consciously but internally have barriers that prevent them from acting. Having ideas is one thing, undertake them is another and perform them implies a hard commitment, perseverance and training is required to achieve the realization of a goal. For example when we are studying to be doctors, we are in a learning process, when the race is finished and begins to exercise then already be is medical, the idea is materialized, so we had to dedicate years of study. Samsung shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Wealth is an internal condition of individuals, not is directly related to the intelligence and academic preparation because there are many cases of people who did not receive a large number of university degrees and however are owners of Super emporiums, of course that education is very important but is not a determining factor, nor is it professions, there are doctors, engineers, lawyers millionaires and also there are poorthe key is in how our subconscious mind perceives the money. The book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows big secrets for the accumulation of fortunes, by reading this book you will learn that we really are all rich and powerful, only that it is necessary to remember that, it implies that our conscious mind use appropriate techniques to turn the ideas of abundance of our subconscious mindthen we will begin to live the true abundance. .