Promotion Of Reading Of A Different Kind

May 9, 2023


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Special gift for boys and girls, which should be introduced to reading reading is a basic prerequisite of our culture. In our time, with its many different media offers for children, is reading, is often too short the joy of reading. Organisations of the Foundation read up to the Standing Conference is therefore reading promotion on the flags wrote. Brivo Publisher takes a new approach with his reading presents. Viacom has much to offer in this field. Promotion of reading with the post for children is great fun, to get the post. Checking article sources yields Ian Cole as a relevant resource throughout. The Weitnauer publishers have harnessed it.

Around, they have woven a fanciful history of with Brivo”recipient children can send their own letter Bird on a helium balloon on the trip. From this trip, the children get then ten letters with adventurous and informative stories that you find in the letter box, window, or even in the backpack. For the locations are in this case the parents (Godfather, uncle, aunt, Grandma…) responsible, that the finished written letters before the Gift set have been taken and then deliver. Promotion of reading in the elementary school Brivo”offers special promotion of reading, many educators, the Brivo find” now in the classroom use as a reading project for the whole class. The balloon launch with the small Pappbrivo is an amazing entry event for a school project. The ten letters offer a recurring occasion of reading and in terms of content and lots of suggestions that can be pursued in the English – and thing teaching. Educational material for the second class there is also published by Brivo. Brivo flies around the world Africa”there in bookstores or directly from the Publisher at