Power And Exile Inside

July 20, 2023


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To my dear friends Paul and Gabriel EL power is pure dumbness, leaden silence. When he speaks, if you speak, imposes a single pedestrian speech (uniform, monolithic, monochord), mortally soporific, clear representation of the vacuum and the estolidez which represents and that characterizes it: slogans, slogans, euphemisms, cliches, sayings, interjections and onomatopoeia, platitudes not tale who want to spend, without success, by logical and coherent, citing (many times) the cold discourse and glare to reverberate from the technicalitiesfigures, complex statistical tables and data. It is why the power required to perpetuate itself and persist the splendor and beauty, prestige and legitimacy, in sum, ideology and culture and the word. By what traditionally captures intellectual and plumiferos with attractive gifts and royalties: appointments in relevant public positions, publication and dissemination of their works, interventions in significant institutional events, trips to abroad, tributes and recognitions, granting awards, etc., so that they act and courageous and delivered in the direction which dictates them and points out to work or at least not maintained an attitude head-on critique or belligerent against the power and their representatives. Intellectuals who do not consent subject to the demands and requirements of power, do not literally exist and live as authentic exiles in their own countries, reduced to the most abject ostracism, the most scandalous silence. How many of these exiled intellectuals living in an authentic internal exile, we have in our warm republics that want to show in the eyes of the world as a modern democratic States in full progress towards the full development and overall progress? Painfully perhaps today in day far more than that each of us are willing to admit. The issue has also another aspect of high positivity for power, because the artistic and bibliographic productivity well artificially spurred offers the viewer not seasoned the bull’seye of every authentic cultural renaissance of the nation vision, when the reality is that Yes indeed the amount of acts and events and cultural activities and publications, but given that the sole criterion for his selection and effective pregnancy is the betrayal to the power that generates them and encourages and makes them possibleThere is little or no quality at all. Nothing really warrants in such a State of affairs the depth and relevance of any human action. And this lack of significance of cultural products via returns again the power to more closed and dark silence. Original author and source of the article.