July 25, 2023


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In many countries there is no school of parents, and if they exist, they are very few. I looked for one in my country and I did not find, I searched for information on the Internet and they always speak of the same thing but no analyzes the individual needs of children through her personality. Do you know where find a manual for parents? Yes, there in his personality. There is a manual for raising a child, the manual are themselves. If we read the manual that the children have embedded in them, I mean his personality or temperament, would we know how to manage them and raise them. Personality or temperament is, with what the human being is born. Determined by genetics.

There are people very sociable, Extrovert and conversational; There are authoritarian, insensitive people and leaders; There are people shy, quiet and perfectionists; and there are desmotivadas people, with little physical energy and followers. This is the manual that you discover in your child, because you will indicate how to treat it, since each personality has their own emotional needs, strengths, weaknesses, desires and sensitivity. We all know that children are not all equal, and the way in which we treat them should not be equal. It is necessary in a school’s parents this topic concerned. An educator and social assistant who worked in a home with children orphaned, couldn’t the children solved their problems, couldn’t integrate them and more timid and with low self-esteem, children were being overwhelmed by violent and outgoing children. Continue reading here original author and source of the article