Out In Nature: Barbecues And Picnics Are Trend!

April 29, 2023


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Diverse, fresh Elsdorfer specialities from Lower Saxony Elsdorf, in July 2011. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from search. Also in the late summer, picnic and grilling are a great change from the everyday food. Whether in the private garden or on the terrace, a meadow or a clearing in the forest: Outdoors under the open sky it tastes especially good! No limits are set using the variety of Elsdorfer products of creativity: spicy tsatsiki especially tasty bread and rolls fresh salad dressings and dips in many different flavors make grilling and picnic perfect. Grill function with Elsdorfer the grilling is not only in the foreground, what’s on the grill. Equally important is the choice of side dishes including bread and co., salad and vegetables. Versatile and wonderfully fresh taste the sour cream by Elsdorfer (0.59 euro) in the practical 250 grams cups. You is perfect as a topping for tasty grilled potatoes or grilled meat and vegetables.

For the hearty enjoyment is the Elsdorfer classic tzatziki the right product. With the best ingredients: The creamy delicious tzatziki spicy garlic, crisp cucumber and fresh yogurt from best milk from Lower Saxony cows, make it so popular. There are the Elsdorfer tsatsiki scratch in the 200 grams cups (0.69 Euro) for the pleasure of the grill in a small circle. Also salads and vegetables include the barbecue on the plate: light green variations have the nose in the summer compared to the classics like potato or pasta salad. Matching Elsdorfer offers delicious dressings in different flavors, fat contents and portion sizes. “” The fresh dressing there in the five popular types of American”, yoghurt, yoghurt light” French,”garlic”. This is brand new in the assortment “fresh organic dressing”.

In the two varieties “Yogurt” and “Italian”, it is offered in the 75 ml sachets (approx. 0.69 Euro). The ingredients are certified organic and convincing taste as well as the other Elsdorfer salad dressings.