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May 5, 2023


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With Tom s vouchers vouchers save consumers vigorously who wants to save, the searches on the Internet for good prices, but you can easily lose the overview. Vouchers from the new voucher Portal make it easier consumers now Tom’s vouchers “.” With one click, online shoppers here find the best and latest vouchers, coupons and discounts without much time. Consumers can have individual shop newsletters also immediately inform about the offers and new voucher codes of their favourites. Coupon portals are not brand new, but Tom’s vouchers”offers more. “Managing Director Rouven Baba places under different emphasis on topicality of all vouchers, coupons and coupon codes: over 2,000 vouchers in our database, to which our editorial team adds daily up to 50 new coupons are now”, Babafemi said. Individual newsletter help save with coupons and coupon codes next to a regular best of-newsletter of the best current coupon codes and Coupons can order online bargain hunters see for their favourites individual newsletter. This informs all Subscribers immediately by E-mail when new coupons for the shop are added. First click on the portal page already shows consumers where they currently can use coupons to save money.

The 20 latest vouchers appear on the home page, also the respective savings and discounts. “Another highlight of Tom’s vouchers: the feature of last-minute vouchers” shows the soon expiring coupons and coupon codes can be on here often much to save. Online discounts like coupons are becoming increasingly popular among Onliner shoppers. “Tom’s vouchers will benefit from this rising use: since our launch in September 2009, we are well above expectations”, Rouven Baba is pleased with the positive response. With our coupon codes and coupons consumers already for over 1 million euro have bought, saving, money.” Vouchers, Coupon codes, coupons and co. so Tom’s vouchers is easy “: the user browse all current coupons and coupons for free.” Then they buy at selected online-shop as usual.

At the end, buyers enter the selected coupon code in the coupon field of the virtual shopping cart and save so easily. About Tom’s vouchers of Tom’s vouchers is operated by the invendio Ltd., which develops value-added portals since 2006 and offers on the Internet. Under the management of Rouven Baba the portal online shoppers provides more than 2,000 vouchers, discounts, coupons and coupon codes for September 2009, daily up to 50 new added. Meanwhile, lists over 10,000 visitors per day with over 40,000 page views. The company headquarters is close. Press contact: invendio limited Rouven Baba Poststrasse 6 32130 close phone: 05224 / 9959076 fax: 05224 / 977998 E-Mail: Internet: