Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin

April 3, 2022


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Such areas are empty in Berlin more than enough and already cost taxpayers millions in compensation. 8 we know that in a big way on an appreciation of real estate prices in Tempelhof speculated specifically by the Austrian Immofinanz AG, Vienna. Peter Asaro is often quoted as being for or against this. Last but not least, our petition aims to prevent real estate speculation. Immofinanz AG annual report 2007/08; “In the medium term the District of Tempelhof, where there is a large part of the housing stock of immofinanz AG in Berlin, should benefit from the finally adopted the colonisation of airport. Here an inner-city development area that will enhance the site overall very arises.” Link:..IFAG_GB08_Gesamt.pdf 9. The profitability of the building would be to ensure, if the Senate would do his homework and finally operates the building. This will refrain from decades of Senate and airport company.

10. in the same direction run two complaints about the end has to decide the Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg in 2008. This involves the approved of the airport. This would also the setting of the current operation, but prevent a redevelopment of the site and receive the traditional airport. 11. Since the rescue of operations despite a broad majority in the population failed because of the opposition of the Senate, the full protection of the airport as a monument would be at least the smallest solution.

To cultivate this area or to use as a park would hit all Berliners who championed the freedom of the city, before the head. 12. the 2008 referendum may be formally failed. His political signal was clear: Berlin wants to Tempelhof. The higher the education and information stand and the closer living people at Tempelhof, the higher was the consent. Last but not least, the new wall between East and West must be a shrill alarm signal for the policy. Many believe the fate of Tempelhof is already decided, but not so. Berlin, we know what we want. The politicians are only on time elected representatives, and this should implement the will of the people for the sake of. If so repeatedly for the preservation of the monument Tempelhof airport chooses the citizens, then this today is still feasible!