MIO TOURS Successfully Launched

May 6, 2022


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Various South American tours by the specialists of Leipzig, May 11, 2010 – offering tour operators MEXICO million since the beginning of the year under the name MIO TOURS also tours and tours for Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador on. From the Mexico specialists, a Latin America expert is now slow. In January 2010 the tour operator MEXICO expanded its travel offerings million individual trips and tours for large parts of Latin America. Under the name of MIO TOURS offer Marlen Heinrich and Ireen Schumann now varied and individual travels through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. The two women had started in August 2007 with the Organization in your favourite country Mexico travel. Since both Ireen and Marlen are enthusiastic connoisseurs of Mexico, professional success with Mexico was quick tours and individual tours for the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico City and Baja California. But at least the hysteria to the H1N1 virus in the early summer of 2009, resulting in the travel requests for Mexico for some Time declined, the two clerks of tourism showed that incorporating alternative holiday destinations in the own travel portfolio would provide additional security. Because of their curiosity about new countries and their great joy at the travel, the plan was quickly implemented into action.

So, the idea for MIO TOURS took shape. Structure and design for the new website were created and researched travel deals. The new destinations were the two managing directors and the employees of MIO TOURS tours of course already personally. Last Marlen Henry the Central tourist destination in Guatemala, as well as its neighboring country of Belize looked on during a private tour. Also the advice of the tour operator, which helped MIO to the success in MEXICO is based on this principle to offer only travel to previously visited countries. Moreover, MIO’s team used to to the Latin American partner agencies personally meet the ITB tourism fair in Berlin, TOURS 2010. Up to the third birthday of MEXICO should the MIO in August 2010 Travel page MIO TOURS with several tours for Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala be filled. MIO’s team also always accepts individual travel requests for Latin America TOURS. Contact: MIO TOURS Heinrich & Schumann GbR of international tour operator Riemann str.