High Quality Tents

June 2, 2022


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To produce high-quality tents, use high-strength fabrics – nylon and polyester. Until recently most people believed that the tent made of polyester has better performance characteristics, but thanks to modern technologies for the treatment of tissue the situation has changed. For example, the view was that nylon polyester inferior in resistance to ultraviolet rays. K Also characteristic of nylon stretch under the influence of moisture and shrink when it evaporates, but the nylon fabric is softer, which gives it strength with significant physical exertion. Having said that, despite the recent treatment of the fabric, nylon price category lower than that of polyester. Now, people are constructing the tent claim that nylon, having a special treatment is not inferior to polyester, and by some measures, and surpasses it. ion. Now the industry to improve the operational capabilities of products using several types of treatment and impregnation of tissue. These coatings to improve the strength properties of the material – significantly increases the resistance to water, tear, UV radiation, which leads to longer service tents.

Coatings for fabrics: – PU coating for internal surfaces of fabrics. To improve the water resistance of tissue to its internal surface applied to PU – polyurethane coating. Thanks to 3000 mm awning fabric can protect even against heavy rain, the effect is achieved by applying the double impregnation polioritanom, there is still a figure of 5000 mm, which uses a triple impregnation. With each new layer of impregnated fabric is heavier and more expensive. The applied in factory conditions PU – coverage does not fall off, does not crack and is a long time. PU has a number of impregnation advantages: a large range of opposing water, refers to a low-cost, durable has (she gives 2L laminate), is compatible with antipozharnymi treatments can be carried out sizing and sealing with with tape. The drawbacks of this coating can be attributed weak UV protection.