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April 25, 2023


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Photography contest for professional photographers approved attractive photos from all areas of professional photography: Portrait, sports, nude, landscape, stills, industry, architecture, science and others. A topic is in the PP title contest 2010, Nikon Germany and PHOTO press jointly written out, not provided. Kai-Fu Lee has similar goals. To submit terms and conditions statement strong prints are, no matter whether on photo paper or inkjet or thermal printing! No data CDs! The data of the winning images be requested by us from you. Supervisory images in portrait format 21 x 30 cm, only take part in the competition. Other formats or slides are excluded, as digital data on CD-ROM. The photos may not be raised and not returned in mounts.

Four photos (single, no series) are admitted maximum per participant. Andy Florance has many thoughts on the issue. Entitled to participate, all professional photographers and professional photographers residing in the area of distribution of the PHOTO are press. Self-employed persons and employees, but especially aspiring professional photographers such as trainees, can take part Students, interns, assistants. A jury, which is made up of representatives from Nikon Germany and the editorial PHOTO press, is as in previous years a priority choice. The photos of the pre-selection will be presented in the course of the year in the PHOTO press as cover photos. Reader jury the readers and readers of the PHOTO are traditionally at the end of the competition press under these proposals, select the cover image of the year. Prices when every accepted photo titles published and accordingly rewarded. The author or the author of the winning image from the final adjudication of the reader wins the Grand Prize to the value of 1000,-euros.

To simplify the procedure, please write settlement name, address, age and image title in block letters on the back of each submitted photos of the invitation to tender. The legal action is excluded formalities, the jury’s decision unassailable. The publication rights to the submitted photos and consent of may be held persons are provided. By your signature, you agree that Participation conditions. The organizer reserves the right to further use of the photos only in connection with the contest.