Germany Cost

May 1, 2023


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A great effort for a small dental care with the teeth is now more in demand than ever, because dental treatments have become extremely expensive. Since the health-care reform, the statutory health insurance funds take over only a fraction of the cost of treatment. As the private insurance Portal reported, foreign dentists or private supplementary insurance are often the only alternative, to save a little money. Only customer of the statutory health insurance is a private additional insurance for dental prostheses. While the insurance company replaced only the amount which corresponds to the statutory rule supply, up to 90 percent of the cost will be reimbursed when compared, to with the help of such additional coverage as a whole. The accession conditions vary at the different providers, but no treatment plan may be the most insurance contract and services can be taken only after a waiting period of several months. Another way to save, in the dental treatment is the way abroad. The treatment costs are often much cheaper, especially in Eastern Europe.

A particularly popular tourist destination is Hungary. Health insurance companies accept even quotes of foreign dentists, which create them upon presentation of the German medical and cost plan for health-care reform. However, problems can arise if treatments are required. The way to the dentist’s Office is then quite far in dental pain and bleeding. However there are some partner dentists, which assume the treatment in such cases in cooperation with Hungary in Germany already. More information: news.