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May 24, 2021


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The greater the area should be warm to room temperature (if premises), the more sections must have a radiator. There are formulas of such a calculation, but most are willing to tables, where for a given volume of space contains data for the desired number of sections of the radiator this design. The most famous brand of radiators of this type – a cast-iron radiators makes the MS-140 and B3-140-300, which differ little in appearance, the only difference in height. Radiator MC-140 has a height dimension between the centers play connection holes for pipes of 500 mm, B-140-300 (sometimes simply write B-300) to 300 mm. Naturally, they have different power.

One section of the radiator B3-140-300 gives to the environment during the flow of water from her face temperature of 120 W, radiator MS-140 – 160 W, ie, more than 30%. Simplified power heating devices (including the above cast iron radiators) can be calculated from the accounting of 100 watts per square meter room. For each device it will be slightly different, but for the preliminary calculation of the power needed for heating, this ratio gives quite acceptable results. The next of the best known heating devices – it convector 'Universal'. Why convector, not the radiator? To some extent this difference is – purely imaginary, because the fundamental difference between them. There is a difference unimportant and it is what it is. The radiator has a relatively smooth, not ribbed surface. From the theory it is known that the dissipated power is proportional to the heated surface area of the surface.

In other words, if the surface of the radiator to add additional area, it would have been able to heat our room more efficiently. This prompted the designers to develop such a device. UNIVERSAL Convector is artless structure, consisting, roughly speaking, from a pipe which hot water runs through the set of flat rectangular metal plate placed vertically and welded around the circumference of this tunnel. So, if you count the surface area of all these plates plus the pipe area, we find that the convector, which occupies about an equal amount (by external dimensions) with radiator will heat the room more efficiently, ie to higher temperatures. For the purpose of aesthetics for UNIVERSAL convector provides a decorative cover. Each of these devices (meaning the radiators and heaters) have their advantages and disadvantages, of which there shall not dwell, therefore, the last word – that put themselves in an apartment, radiators or convectors, is yours. You can add only one thing – the last 20-30 years, the vast majority of houses built have as heating element coil. In recent years, building houses in the city is using the latest technologies and apartments in these buildings be equipped with the latest well. Introducing new heating system. In place of cast-iron radiators come steel radiators, aluminum radiators, bimetal radiators (usually steel – aluminum). Did not escape the new technology of building homes and heaters. Increasingly, it can be seen in homes and radiators convectors domestic and imported, manufactured in the last decade. This water heaters manufactured in Germany and Basis Radiavektor, aluminum radiators Twist production in England, radiators GLOBAL, SIRA, etc.