Domestic Auto Industry

May 23, 2020


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Problems of AvtoVAZ, how many people so many opinions, some say that it was time to close and do not forget it, others say that AvtoVAZ forming enterprise, and it is impossible to close. So believe in the government, if Togliatti plant closure AvtoVAZ, the thirty thousand unemployed people will be on the street, so the party and supported AvtoVAZ, allocating funds, and the last decision was made on the basis that money is not help, they still officially stolen, here and decided to call for help, the French with their production technologies Renault. Here lies the main problem of the domestic industry, at every step we you hear that the backlog of production in Russia in the 20 -30 years old can not compete with foreign goods, and that such production, is it not possible for such money, which allocates state to buy new production. Of course you can, you buy a new production and four months later, even without closing the old production, launch new facilities, all elementary, but there is one "but" that no one voiced. This is a "but" on the surface, We all know the quality of Toyota and Ford, this is a normal quality of cars until they were made in Russia. Here is a "but" and swam, the level of production of the domestic industry is falling behind in twenty years, and level of governance in Russia behind the eighty years. And the level of management thought to raise four months not to try to try to do it, you need to invite foreign managers and foreign workers operate on our territory in plants purchased abroad, that is absolute nonsense, just like in football, inviting foreign players to play on our fields with a coating of foreign lawns. This is a dead end. Raise quality improvement needed for years. This made the Japanese did South Korea, it is now China does. Stalin, too, could raise the quality of production, but his methods were somewhat inadequate, but here is a paradox, our business is widely used in work aphorisms Joseph Stalin, there is even a line of business courses – Stalin. That's the main problem of our production – to improve the quality. One small town of Novgorod Pavlov foreign supplies a complete set, tools and even provides a formula for the new control system. At this plant for more than ten years is a struggle for survival and the introduction of quality management system, working on his Experiencing a quality management system by Deming and so on. And you know who are unhappy there, in contrast to plant good salaries, have orders and so on. And what about the suppliers? Here are today talking about suppliers. Providers are choosing not to roll back that get individuals and the quality of products at costs that are necessary to identify and fix the marriage. We decided that it is better cheaper and more, here are obtained bidding, where the winner is the company that will offer a cheaper price and quality, no one is looking. A foreign experience shows that if the supplier does not meet certain standards, then with him in within five years will not be dealing with. So pervasive is the struggle for quality improvement. And now the index of customer satisfaction. Where neither had we heard that AvtoVAZ is interested in opinions of consumers? Of course not, we produce you buy, and how you feel, we do not care, I feel like saying, do not correct by going comrades.