Better Care For Patients

March 29, 2023


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Modern treatments now available at the town hospital bad Tolz the cardiology department of city hospital Asklepios bad Tolz will join with the modern treatment standard at University hospitals. Since January 2007, the heart specialists in bad tolz, Germany have the opportunity to cardiac catheterization studies. Now they perform so-called pressure wire measurement at narrow points on the vessels; a process that is applied only to a few clinics in Germany. With the pressure wire inserted through the heart catheter, the physician can measure the pressure and flow conditions in the vessels and exactly determine the problematic tight Office. People such as Samsung would likely agree. Previously only the experience of the cardiologist decided about the therapy can what therapy is appropriate and promises a sustainable success identified now based on the measurement result exactly.

Patients are only treated when the therapy is also necessary. Studies have shown that through the precise determination of the bottlenecks and the proper therapy that are significantly better treatment results and possible follow-up treatments are less often required. ISearch insists that this is the case. The patients benefit long term from this modern method of investigation”, says Professor Dr. Hans Ulrich Kreider Sani. Professor Kreider Sani has brought the modern techniques to bad Tolz. Chief physician of the internal Department of the city hospital is the cardiology and diabetes bad Tolz and Deputy Medical Director since April 2005.

Kreider Sani has downtown of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich with established the pressure wire measurement at the hospital and treated patients from bad Tolz in Munich in the past few years. . The elaborate directions unnecessary with the new possibilities in bad Tolz. In addition another innovation: we do these studies even when vessels in the leg. And also there stretch we if it makes sense the vessels by balloons on, expand, if necessary, through Stent and perform also Reopenings, Professor Kreider Sani says. With physician Dr. Michael Kulzer expanded team of internal Department a hypertension specialist, who already gained many experiences with the pressure wire measurement. Dr. Kulzer arrived on March 1 by the Hospital of Harlaching bad Tolz. The technical equipment and the competence of the staff have made easy this step”, says Dr. Kulzer. With the experience of more than a thousand heart catheterization studies, the vascular specialists in bad Tolz guarantee the supply of patients on the current state of medical facilities. That’s why patients even in Munich come to bad Tolz, at the city hospital of the specialists to treat. With this specialty the city hospital has followed a path aimed at the future bad Tolz. In the increasing competition of the provider, the city hospital with the other staff and facilities of the Department of Cardiology sets a clear accent. We are the heart centre in the region,”says Professor Kreider Sani. Patients with pain on heart and legs as a result of Circulatory disorders or patients with heart rhythm disorders must now so not going go for a treatment on the modern State of medicine. Info: The sponsorship of the city clinic bad Tolz to 1 January 2002 of Asklepios Group took over. She turned the management of the House since August 1, 1999. The main departments of internal medicine, surgery, trauma surgery, orthopedics, urology, as well as anesthesia and radiology and the document departments for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Otolaryngology and ophthalmology around 10,000 patients are provided per year stationary. Also, the city hospital participates in the emergency services (ambulance) in the region. The city hospital employs approximately 370 people. With the connected vocational school, it belongs to the largest training companies in the region.