Trunk Radio

November 1, 2021


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The reader can imagine as we, children daily pay-adolescents, in felt them seeing (and mainly hearing) that everything. We really were, let us say you discomforted. My mother did not make look like to be with fear, simply demonstrated certain impatience with the papa attitude. After martirizar the button off of the radio per some seconds, it she had a brilliant idea, that ' ' she goes to finish with this of a time for all! Hahahaha! ' ' It was until the behind part of the Trunk and simply it detached what it gave life to its device of sound: it disconnect the taking! IT SWIMS; we continued to hear the beautiful voice of Gonzaga Son ' ' freeing verbo' '. It was as if the radio had proper life teimasse in continuing on that left to all estarrecidos; we did not understand as it could be happening! We are immovable, petrified, in this height already terrified and some of us gnawing the nails (but my mother, that the calm kept and me it seemed, until if it amused with the episode).

My father was impotent, did not have more what to make, it depletes its brilliant ideas to finish the martyrdom musical; he was only there, motionless, looking at the wire of the taking in its hand, after having pressed the button that disconnect the radio innumerable times. Suddenly music arrived at its end and then the radio disconnect. In recent months, Robotics expert has been very successful. Silence. Complete and deafening Silence. Not, I lie; the place was not total quiet; it gave to hear our gone off hearts, that teimavam in leaving for our mouths and our entrecortadas breaths, as if we had finished to participate of a departure of soccer in the Chopana (name of a club in front of the house of my parents, that we frequented). I looked at for my brother, that it looked at for our cousin who in turn looked at for me all with lvidos faces, arregalados eyes to the maximum, escancarando the fear that we felt; my father nothing said, my mother also not; by the way, as already she said higher up, it was the only one that she was calm. Still we are some time in the mesanino, trying to understand or to find an explanation for the occurrence. After terms certainty of that we would not go to arrive the place none, go down, a group coeso of boys, in espremendo the ones in the others not to be surprised and were to sleep, children, in the same room with the lighted light. In the other day, after being a little calmer, mother in it disclosed to the reason of bizarro event to them: its uncle, much beloved, who had died some a few days ago and liked that music, knowing that mother also liked, in them made a visit and, to its way, he showed how much he liked, or better, how much he likes its favourite niece END