Telmex Services

January 9, 2022


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Telmex is the leading telecommunications company in Latin America, with operations in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the United States. The company offers a wide range of telecommunications-related services including an extensive network including voice, data and video service shortly by digital convergence on 21 December 2007, the shareholders approved a strategic initiative to reorganize the structure TELMEX corporate, in two independent companies by separating its cable TV operators, fixed telephony and internet access in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as well as the company Yellow Pages and create a new company called Telmex Internacional "to be negotiated in both the Stock Exchange of Mexico and the U.S.. UU. , Which is now listed securities of Telmex. This reorganization will allow Telmex to give each company a more efficient operation and an appropriate scale in Mexico and abroad, so that each operates autonomously in its administrative, commercial and financial.

Managers hope to thereby improve the competitive position of each one of the companies and further sizing operation in TELMEX Mexican telecommunications market, making clear the difference of its operations in the markets for medium and high income, where there is competition, and low-income and rural areas, where there there is competition. The restructuring undertaken by Telmex, in which it will also reduce its investment program and its workforce, is a natural response to an environment in which competition no longer will be in the traditional telephony segment in which the company has great advantage, but converged services. Telmex is expected to obtain authorization to provide television services and to become so, in a triple play operator. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Horacio Daniel Pozzo Pozzo holds a BA in Economics and Master in Economics, both studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) -. Since 1999 and for three years he worked on planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for Financial Stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in matters of Corporate Governance and Risk Capital. From November 2005 through November 2007 was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in issues of inflation, monetary policy and financial system. Currently teaches Macroeconomics II Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP), serving as acting assistant professor. Author of several articles on monetary and financial system in the literature.