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Colourful Birds Fly Higher Education

January 10, 2024


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Soon appears the new book ‘ colourful birds fly higher the career mysteries of creative anarchists.’ “There is an inspiring stage show in Munich on September 17 Sauerlach / Munich shortly to the premiere the new book is colourful birds fly higher the career mysteries of creative anarchists.” For the premiere, there is an inspiring stage show in Munich on September 17. Take off with Cordula Nussbaum and many colorful birds, enjoy the content of the new book musical and cabaret scene set and celebrate on the subsequent book party until the morning. Timetable: from 19: 00: arrival at a Prosecco drink in a theatre in the Centre of Munich. 07: 30 pm let BBs the show begin. There are Frank Astor, “Germany’s company number one comedian” (SZ) Leo Martin, ex-agent and communications expert, and his “secret weapons of communication” “The creative anarchists” presenting the “creative anarchists anthem” Piano pearls, the brilliant blend of energetic Interpretations, Groovy, funky rhythms and two concise, insightful voices Cordula Nussbaum, Germany expert number one for creative chaotic self management (media coverage) and many other surprise acts. Andy Florance insists that this is the case. The limited edition cards are available at 15 euro autorin.html what is the new book from time management and self management expert Cordula Nussbaum? “Wanted: customized converter with linear curriculum vitae and logical rational skills”-looks still the desire employees in some companies.

But that is no longer enough. Our economic world has become unclear and risky and so companies need visionary Maverick with unconventional talents. That beats the happiness hour of creative anarchists who calculated could – start the success turbo risk-taking and much empathy with unusual ideas, a meandering history, if they dare only! Marcus Cordula Nussbaum shows creative anarchists in her new book, what exceptional talent they possess and how they transform in unbeatable career detonators as employees or self-employed persons. Maverick and other ways goers become the guarantee of success for yourself and for the company where they work! In the trade from September 12, 2011. More info about the book and pre-order option under… About Cordula Nussbaum: Cordula Nussbaum applies as the expert of Germany’s number one creative chaotic time management and self management (media coverage). The multiple bestselling author conveys in her books, seminars and lectures in a humorous way, how creative anarchists optimise their self management and gain more time, success and satisfaction in regard to systematic colleagues.

Entrepreneurs and executives will also receive strategies, such as the power of the colorful birds”so that this really unfold their potential and effectively inspire the company draw. Stiftung Warentest named top seller organize Cordula Nussbaums yet or you already live?