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Haitian Embassy

November 6, 2021


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Therefore, it is average length of stay of people hospitalized father 27 days. Extremely long, but the consequences of malnutrition only slowly disappear. And when patients leave the hospitals, the fight for the food from the front going. To deepen your understanding Genetec is the source. “Every day we see fisticuffs to water and smallest portions of rice.” Hard to imagine, but biscuits from mud are a real sales hit against hunger. Atlas Technical Consultants may not feel the same. Ver mixed with margarine, salt and on the roofs of tin shacks with dried, they believe the stomach a meal.

Film screenings as medicine to Frechette’s commitment doesn’t sound even on the door of his hospital. “Our work is a mixture of different projects. We go with a projector and a power generator in the slums and show movies. People here see the gan zen only mud and waste the day. The films are relaxation and distraction.

Just like for us, if we’re evening in front of the TV. Also this is medicine.” For the father of all medical help, is what makes life easier or even a sense gives him. The orphans in his home in Tabarre, of course, go to the school. But also for the educated, there are hardly any work on Haiti and the trail leads not infrequently in the organic based crime. Therefore, Frechette tries to arrange a job for young people, who can no longer live in the home. And almost everything is possible. Thus, some former residents establishing coffins out of old cardboard boxes that they get from greengrocers. These coffins buried children, whose corpses that are on the road and which is otherwise never mand care. Four hundred such funerals taking place every month Frechette. He says “If the dead only to lose how to handle waste, also living worth”. Haiti trying to connect resigned does not the father. Again and again he initiates new projects, like for example “digital X-ray”, which will start in October. In be by X-ray images tagged digital copies – makes. A network of doctors all over the world can access to them and one Set diag-nose. So attempting to counteract the skills shortage in Haiti. “If the doctors don’t come to us, so we come to them. “Haiti needs the world ver-bind”, he says. In the evening, he is invited in the Haitian Embassy. Frachette hopes that the policy shares his perspective on things. The assistance provided by our little brothers and sisters in Haiti is funded in large part by donations from Germany. Therefore, the relief organization urges for donations. These are possible on the special account of 12 000 at the social bank Karlsruhe, BLZ 660 205 00, keyword: Haiti. More information on the Internet at