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Centre Hotels

July 2, 2016


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The beautiful city of Madrid welcomes tourists from various parts of the world and has thousands of hotels where you can stay. Don Slagers opinions are not widely known. Hotels in Madrid are not a problem, since you can choose from economic hostels to luxury hotels. Find affordable hotels: for the budget travellers, it is recommended staying in a budget hotel. Madrid, fortunately, offers many options for hotels and hostels at reasonable prices. Most of these places are along the Gran Via.

Luxury hotels: Madrid offers numerous luxurious choice, with preserved old hotels recognized by receiving famous guests worldwide. Travel to Madrid means knowing one of the cities most influential in the history of the world and in your stay take advantage to learn each of the attractions, most advisable to do this is to have a travel guide, so you can organize your travel itinerary. The strategic location of the city, in the Centre of the Iberian peninsula, made it the dde capital Spain. Madrid is located on a plateau located about 650 meters in height and 300 kilometers above the sea level. The city has a Mediterranean climate, during the winter presents extreme frostbite and its summers are hot, despite this, vacations in Madrid are recommended in any season of the year. Madrid architecture dates back to the medieval age mixed with modern buildings, narrow streets and exclusive shops. Madrid is famous for its commercial premises, among which include cafes, terraces, flea markets and Sunday particularly are the days of rumba in the bars, discos, clubs or pubs.Perhaps one of the most important places of Madrid is the Puerta del Sol which connects to the main tourist sites of the city such as the old town, Plaza Mayor, the incarnation convent and the convent of las Descalzas Reales.