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Excursion In The

June 2, 2023


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A trip to Denmark a vacation in Denmark, one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe, promises recreation and opportunities for companies. Especially a trip to LEGOLAND with its numerous subject areas suitable for families. The flight Portal fluege.de presents in this sense the magic of the amusement parks and the charm of Denmark. A flight to Denmark is worthwhile in any case, because the Scandinavian country is for peaceful holidays. Billund Airport is one of the largest airports in the Kingdom and represents the perfect destination for an excursion in the diversity of the Legolandes. The dream world for children consists of more than 59 million set East according to the operator and resembles a miniature world tour. The terrain consists of numerous subject areas with over 50 attractions. In Miniland, the Egyptian Temple of Abu Simbel, Neuschwanstein Castle as well as the Mount Rushmore monument were recreated using LEGO.

It is also one of the Star Wars saga recently dedicated area. Other regions are also worth a visit and are ideal for relaxation. The landscape is characterized by lakes, hills and forests on the one hand and sometimes reminiscent of Sweden. On the other hand, tourists have the typical Danish idyll with wide fields and beautiful beaches. While Denmark in the West by the harsh North Sea is limited, the gentler Baltic sea bathing invites in the other direction.