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If you have a website, you can benefit so you receive a small number of visitors, simply do not defeat that traffic. The key is to take advantage of every one of its visitors and ensure that you have a monetization strategy on its web site. Once you do this, you will be able with little effort make any web site profitable. Here are 7 basic ways in which you can benefit your traffic: 1. sell a product / service in the first place you can sell your product or service to its visitors. This is the most effective way of generating income. Normally an eBook or software are the most recommended, since they can be downloaded immediately without problems and without shipping costs.

2. Your list of subscribers is crucial seek ways to convert visitors into subscribers from your mailing list. The most important asset for a salesperson is your list of subscribers. This list defines how far that business can go. Having its own list of subscribers, there are different ways that you are It may benefit you even more in the future. Once a subscriber becomes client, it is much more easy to this person again you buy another product. 3 Viral marketing you can provide a free product on your web site to be downloaded by your visitors.

In general, it will be an electronic book where people will find useful and relevant information. It is very important within your eBook you to place links to your web page. The idea is to include the rights of giving this book to people who want to. In this way, more people will read your book and increase your traffic, advertising and brand without spending a dime. 4. Pay per click in this case, get paid when users click on the ads that you place on your site. There are many advertising programs that give you a percentage of the profits on the basis of click generated by your site, such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network and Chitika and Kontera. When people click on the ads of some of these advertising programs, you will earn money. And if your site receives a good traffic, these programs can only bring huge paychecks for you. 5 Offer an advertising space if your website generates much traffic, you can offer within your web, spaces for which advertisers placed their advertising and you collect an amount of money monthly. You could charge on average $300 if your website generates traffic 2000 visits per day. Apart from that, you can also generate revenue through advertising pop-ups from output. To do this, you do not loading your website with too much advertising and not spoil the experience of the visitor. 6 Affiliate Marketing if you don’t have your own products for sale, you can sell others products on your website and receive a Commission for each sale. With affiliate programs, you have an unlimited supply of products to sell and do not need to go through any problem after made the sale. 7 Payment by subscription rather than earn money through clicking, are paid if your visitors subscribe from the list of mail from other people. Alternatively there are plenty of large companies like Coca-Cola that need to do surveys, this is another way of obtaining good profits from your website.