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January 30, 2021


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Pleated blinds – the most modern and functional form of sun protection systems for all types of windows. Unlike horizontal blinds, pleated blinds instead of aluminum slats are made from different kinds of tissue: transparent, translucent, obscuring light and opaque blackout stretched between two sections of aluminum, and specialty stretch yarns that are suitable for the fabric color. Pleated fabric composed of polyester and can be treated with a: pearl coating for better reflection of sunlight; metallized layer, allowing to set pleated curtains on winter gardens for maximum shade and maintain favorable the temperature at the very bright light. Fabrics for curtains pleated exist two types – standard pleated fabrics and a duet. Unlike fabric pleated duo from the standard is that the pleats duo composed of two pleated fabrics, glued together to a heat-resistant adhesive, and have no visible mounting holes stretch yarns, threads are inside, between the two folds of pleated fabrics. Another advantage of the pleated blinds – functionality. Pleated established as a standard plastic vertical windows, and on the roof and ceiling. There are many control systems pleated blinds: control by handle leash, rope management, as in standard blinds, control by a chain, electrical control, and even pleats can be fixed on the window without the possibility of control.

The variety of types of systems pleated blinds allows you to install the product even triangular, arched windows and trapezoid correct form. Also pleats are ideally suited for installation on all types of glass roofs, domes and conservatories. With the help of an electric motor and remote control you Pleated blinds can control established by even the most vysokoraspolozhennyh windows and window openings. Curtains Pleated day / night – a unique system consisting of two different pleated fabrics. One tissue, usually transparent, is used only during the day and in cloudy weather, and another blackout, or blackout, is used to blackout the night or when viewing a home theater. Pliss day night blinds can be operated with a pen, rope or chains, as well as electric, and can be mounted on conventional vertical windows and skylights design. Fabrics for curtains Pleated not whimsical care and clean and easy. Dip the cloth together with aluminum frame and plastic components in a container with a neutral Ph solution for some time, rinse the cloth in the shower, shake off excess water and hang the curtains on the windows when folded for 12 hours.