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Climate Change Conference In Copenhagen Begins

June 15, 2017


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CO2 emissions of the ICT sector at the level of global air traffic. Germany must actively shape global structural change Berlin/Copenhagen, 7 December 2009- Watt, a ten trillion or even ten thousand billion watts one with 13 zeros, written out. All German Server and data centers consumed so much power in 2008. It reported the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety (BMU). This value would correspond to an annual electricity output of almost four coal-fired power plants. on. Worldwide total emissions of carbon dioxide have reached approximately 600 million tons, are already the level of global air traffic through ICT technology with around two percent.

Comparable to an output of 320 million small scales. Humanity would have to plant 60 billion trees to compensate for this strain. In research and science, broad consensus is that increasing CO2 emissions is the major cause of climate change. To keep the consequences economically and environmentally manageable, can the global Global warming not exceed two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels, so the BMU. \”An understanding that that the climate may heat up still only around two degrees, must be the goal for Copenhagen\”, said Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen the \”image on Sunday\”.

Shortly before the climate change conference in Copenhagen, Rottgen has economic and political climate protection dialogue\”launched. Climate change is the driving force for the economic modernization of our country. That’s why Copenhagen is the most important economic conference in our time at the same time\”Rottgen next. To slow global warming, developed countries must offer services in a nearly CO2-free until the middle of this century. For Germany it comes in the next few years, to actively make a global structural change, and not to lose the connection. But the necessary knowledge is missing many users, to really take advantage of optimization possibilities of ICT technology. The BMU, the Federal Environmental Agency have to change this (UBA), the KfW Bankengruppe (KfW) and the German Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) together set the goal.

Berlin Networks

February 26, 2016


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Fuel cell developer in-house engineering is the Berliner networks at Kopenicker company deploys small CHP with fuel cell technology in Berlin networks, 14 Berlin companies develop innovative solutions for energy supply and efficiency BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler: with in-house Sayed-neering we expand our theme portfolio Berlin, March 31, 2010 the fuel cell developer in-house engineering from Berlin-Kopenick joined the Berlin networks as the 14 companies. We are pleased that we can expand our portfolio of topic in the Berlin network with in-house engineering”, explained Michael Geissler, General Manager of the Berlin Energy Agency, which coordinates the network working on behalf of the Senate Department for Economics, technology and women. Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic. The network supports the exchange between the various actors within the growth industry energy and bring innovative products and services made in Berlin”further ahead. The in-house engineering GmbH has emerged from the shifting – und REGELTECHNIK GmbH in December 2008. The company focuses on the development of stationary fuel cell systems and in the field of building automation and building automation. These include complete solutions in the form of fuel in small block heat and power plants (CHP), used for the supply of energy in buildings.

The CHP use energy sources such as natural gas or pure hydrogen for efficient energy production. We develop fuel cell systems in Berlin, because we believe this technology in the future, and because the efficient and environmentally friendly production of electricity and heat is becoming increasingly important”, says Christoph Hildebrandt, Managing Director of in-house engineering. Meanwhile, the company offers a fuel cell in the third generation, which achieved a power of 5 kW. Hydrogen necessary to operate of a fuel cell is thereby produced by conversion from natural gas. For the current generation in-house won Engineering in the framework of the international handicrafts fair 2010 the Federal Prize for outstanding innovative achievements for the craft. The Berlin networks recorded his work in September 2008, to launch promising projects for the efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energies. Since numerous projects have been initiated in the work of the network. Realized a cascade of gas heat pump in the town swimming pool were including Center, the optimisation of energy consumption by installing a building management system in a Lichtenberger school as well as a geothermal plant in combination with district heating in a house in Friedrichshain.

Berlin networks Berlin networks brings Berlin companies on a table, that have to do in a variety of ways with the theme of energy: energy service companies, technology companies, but also major users of energy and facilities of the science. Goal of networking is to identify through the exchange of experiences, joint projects in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy and to implement. More information under: Berlin Energy Agency the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) is a modern energy services company in Berlin. It develops and implements innovative projects to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Clients are public and non-profit institutions, real estate and housing companies, industry, trade, industrial, hospitals, as well as the entire services sector. The BEA was founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Berlin House of representatives. Shareholders are the State of Berlin, the Vattenfall Europe heat AG, GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG and KfW bank group equally. Contact for journalists: Volker Gustedt Berlin Energy Agency Tel.: 0 30 / 29 33 30 – 19 fax. 0 30 / 29 33 30 – 97 E-Mail: gustedt Berlin e-agentur.de at