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Lieutenant Governor

September 21, 2023


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Remember that: (definition of nouns and adjectives) nouns: noun is the word that functions as a subject of the sentence, they have gender and number. Many times you are accompanied by articles, but it can operate without them. Nouns are always things, places, people or animals. Adjectives: adjectives are words that name or indicate qualities, traits and properties of names or nouns that accompany formation of nouns and adjectives: formation of ADJECTIVES: suffixes:-trend or nuance bear/osa (hue or quantity): loving, delicious. AZ/ez: talkative, daring, mordant, capable, truthful. izo / a: coppery, reddish. uzco/a: brownish, whitish. -Relative a: ar: family.

esco/a: novelistic. ICO/a: volcanic. -Diminutivos (already). -Numeral adjectives: ava/o s: octaves, twelfth. era/o/s: first, third. -Other formations: ivo/a: expressive, harmless. Zendesk takes a slightly different approach.

ble: washable, terrible. to the / ales: legal, loyal, optional. NTE/s: galante, evident, brave. FORMATION of NOUNS: Suffixes:-gender: ina: gallo-hen. this: count – Countess. ISA: poet-poet. a: uncle-aunt. TRIZ: actor – actress, Emperor-Empress. -Trades or professions: suede/entity: salesman, Mayor. ero / a: jeweler. ISTA: artist. -Abstract qualities: anza: hope. anchor / gingiva: importance, querencia, tolerance, mercy, patience. EZ/eza: brilliance, beauty, royalty. itud: request, altitude. Dad: cruelty, loneliness. ERIA / ia: nonsense, joy. ISM: opportunism (ISM/a is used for nouns and adjectives isimo). URA: tenderness, madness. tion / sion: song, passion, emotion, vision. -Places: Cliff: sink, laundry room. atorio: sink, sanatorium. produces: dining room. ERIA: shoe shop, butcher, fishmonger, bakery. -Prefixes: to (absence of): dry, aphonic. before (before de): ancestor, yesterday, antechamber, glasses. des / dis (absence of): dishonest, unfair, disassemble, strip paint from, destemplado, impair, disabled, non-conforming, defoliation. extra (out of): extraordinary, unofficial, alien. i/im/in (no, denial): illegal, impossible, uncertain, endless, restless, invisible, immoral, illogical, impractical, ignoble, uneasy, undeniable, undefeated, unnecessary, useless. go (no, denial): irresponsible. POS/post (after): postpone. TRANS / after (more than beyond): transparent, transatlantic, penetrate, disrupt, move. Sub (below): stress, subregion, underground, submarine. Super (more than): supermarket, Superman. Vice: Lieutenant Governor, Vice President, Deputy Director. Remember: The adjective modifies the noun; It can do this in two ways: 1. by adding to the significance of the noun something that is necessary or of course not within him, or 2. Developing, by removing its significance, something that in him can be understood. You can also modify the verb.