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Globalty Safe

January 2, 2024


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Globalty: new insuring of Seguros.es Seguros.es, independent and gratuitous the comparator of insurances online, it does not stop to grow and to include new insurance agencies in his comparator with the clear objective to always offer the best price and the best service to the user. The new company that has been gotten up is Globalty, that promises to offer an ample product range of quality to very competitive prices. Globalty Safe is member of the insuring group Admiral with more than 2 million clients in all Europe. Its positioning of market is based on adapting each type of policy to its concrete customer; that is to say, to adapt the type of policy to the needs of each client. With this philosophy, the company offers, in addition services of hiring and attention to the multi-channel client. Besides more than good relation quality/price, Globalty Safe offers flexible facilities of payment and a network of factories of confidence of the high level distributed by all the national territory. To what delays to make your budget with Seguros.es and to save time and money in the insurance of your car? Source. Seguros.es writing Source: Note of Press sent by anamuruais..