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Bugatti Automobiles

June 10, 2023


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26 October, a Moscow premiere of the most expensive and fastest car in the world – Bugatti Veyron 16.4, as well as familiarity with the construction of hotels, the legend of the Ritz-Carlton. Two exclusive brand lifted the veil of secrecy for connoisseurs of luxury. God on wheels. (Source: isearch). inique/’>Elizabeth Arden told us the story. The new Bugatti Veyron 16.4-powerful and superior to the human imagination supercar, whose appearance was inevitable, desirable and welcome. This sports car is really needed humanity – for contemplation, admiration, envy, and, of course – the highest pleasure of driving! October 26 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 has officially appeared in the capital, and hovered in the air over the heads of passers-by and journalists. The car was lowered on a crane from the terrace of the Ritz-Carlon "on street, where he already met admiring glances and applause.

Representatives of the Bugatti brought "god" with a half turn to release the legendary fearsome roar of supercars. After Bugatti Veyron memorable premiere in late 2005 resounding success of brand manufacturers have sent all the activity and the creative potential of the French factory Atelier to create a perfect shape and perfect filling Veyron 16.4. In the German city Molsheym, near Strasbourg, with 20 highly qualified specialists, 5 out of watching every stage: from the first nut to the grand exit cars from the garage under the powerful roar of the engine. The new Veyron – an impressive example of the most modern and innovative avtotehnology – his appearance once again confirmed the company's slogan, Bugatti Automobiles sas – nothing is too expensive, nothing is too beautiful." Because only the best materials are used for creating internal and external surroundings machine.