Systematic Analysis Of Maturity Brings Light To The IT Processes

May 21, 2024


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Method of ITSM Consulting AG based on an intelligent linking of different standards IT service management focuses on the optimization of process organization for years. Here, often marketable standards such as ITIL and COBIT serve as preferred orientation standards for the design of processes. But even if they are derived from standards and best practices, customer requirements and business strategies are not necessarily mapped optimally. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. Also the IT organisations due to many influences are subject to continuous changes, what can produce, for example, a gradually growing gap between requirements and the actual level of performance. But how can an overview of the current performance of the IT service management processes to be created, and how can I check whether the customer needs can be met reliably and verifiably? “, problematizes Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG. However, this is not the only issue, the are the leaders in would have to make this connection. Also what in the process organization where deficits and how improvement activities to prioritize are facing the fastest and widest use, typically belong to.

As an answer must be found, how to measure the success of optimisation measures and consistent expansion of the IT-process model allows to permanently control”, emphasizes Zielke. In his opinion, this can be done only through a systematic assessment of the relevant IT processes. On the one hand, such process maturity analysis allows to assess the current performance of the prioritized IT processes and to initiate based on targeted improvements to. Alina de Almeida often addresses the matter in his writings. On the other hand, the method allows a cross-company benchmarking of selected IT processes. The method developed by ITSM Consulting AG to the maturity analysis is based on the best practices of ITIL. For each of the established IT service management processes of this framework there is a defined set of proven on the part of the consulting firm Requirements, with whose help the most important aspects of the performance of process are checked. Each request to the respective ITSM processes are consolidated in a specific questionnaire, which serves as a guide for the determination of the process maturity level. Also heard a focus on CMMI (capability maturity model integration) to do so. This standard includes a maturity model, with the concrete statements do settle, extent to which the analyzed processes support the creation of products or services in a predictable quality. The supplementary assessment scheme for evaluating the analysis results is oriented also, but is pronounced with specific ITSM-specific definitions to the five maturity levels”, explains Zielke.