Successful Companies

April 6, 2022


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Where there is a success company, somebody made a brave decision sometimes. Peter Druker Summary In the measurement that the Globalisation has expanded as for the commercial activities, it has originated that appears new paradigms that simultaneously present/display new knowledge, administrative tools that cannot be unknown, more if is wanted to compete beyond the national borders. In last the years, new administrative tools have arisen that the modern management must know how r to use, to determine their reach and everything what it can benefit to him in his management. In this opportunity we will enter ourselves in a very interesting subject like the Empowerment. Majorities, antecedents, considerations the Empowerment has been translated to the Spanish by some experts like " Empoderamiento" ; they have translated it to others like " Responsabilidad" , " To give Cuentas" or " Facultar". Like visionary theory that it is, one projects to develop in the collaborators of a company not only an aptitude of work in equipment but also an attitude of synergy, where the collaborator is " facultado" in order to carry out its productive activities and also to make decisions in the same work. One knows, that the Theory of the Empowerment is born among others to complement Operationalisations of Organizational Change, as they are it the Quality Total, Re-engineering and the Just in Time; in 1988; promoted mainly by the experts Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey. Nevertheless several years back, already it had been mentioned by they themselves, the term " autoliderazgo" , that is its equivalent and the unique substitute of the pure leadership. Peculiarly as much the Quality Total, the Re-engineering and the Just in Time are Operationalisations of Change, that have offered great contributions to the present Administrative Theory, but also have failed in some companies by virtue of which they lack something essential, something that their great promoters estimate and that lamentably he does not occur in the real life of a company: " People with Aptitudes and Attitudes Superiors Jeopardize with the Organizacin".