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Social networks are nothing new: people have been meeting friends through friends in real life for centuries. The arrival of internet and especially the world wide web, has enabled people to meet new friends and acquaintances in different places and in amounts greater than ever. Simply putting a profile listing his name, tastes and dislikes, age, location and, possibly, an image, can meet as many people as you want throughout the world. Perhaps the best answer to what are social networking websites is to name a few of the most popular. The first popular social networking site was, begun in 1995. This site was aimed at that together people who graduated high school, in more than one format of meeting. Instead of being focused on the construction of new relations, classmates tried to renew old ones.

Through a payment service, former colleagues could get in touch with each other through electronic mail and maintain contacts years later than He graduated from college or high school. After this type of social networking became popular, other sites began to see promise in social networks and find new friends. is the most popular of this kind of site example. They began in 2002 (along with another site called friendster), this site uses a type of technology known as circle of friends. To subscribe to a Web site, and can find people who you know add you to your circle of friends. You can then view their friends and perhaps make new friends and acquaintances among this circle. MySpace and friendster also to users seeking new friends within these social networking by allowing users to search for people with common interests.

You can also search for users, who are in a similar age group, of a similar religion or living in your area. In this way, can expand their circle of friends more quickly which is possible as you can in person. It is safe to say that you one of the answers to the question what social networking sites are What are the wave of the future. Adolescents and young adults today often find their place between the internet society in these groups of social networks.

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