Reallusion 3D Video FX For IClone 4.0 – New Level Of Their Own Video Productions

Professional 3D video effects, virtual studios for real video projects San Jose / Braunschweig, 04.02.2010, Reallusion, Inc, developers of 3D-Animations-und imaging technology that goes with the new 3D Video FX extension material for iClone 4.0 in the new level of video and film production for demanding hobby and Pro editors. Reallusion launches series 3D Video FX with the expansion packs in the new video montage 3D Video FX Virtual Studio vol. 1 and the 3D Video FX motion Assembly vol. 1 sets allow the creative and changeable structure of realistic appearing TV news Studios, stage equipment or presentation environments, including customizable 3D moving objects and effects. Integrated into iClone 4.0 the extension packages allow for a simple and new dimensions of the video compositing for private and professional productions.

Virtual actors and real people using blue box effect have been recorded and released the popVideo converter using the alpha channel, so can so in the anytime adjustable 3D environment in iClone 4.0 be integrated that presentations, role plays, TV Studio are newscasts or presentations such as from a TV. So far only to realize high-quality studio equipment, iClone 4.0 with the popVideo converter and extension packages offers production possibilities in the editing suite at home or in the Office. For iClone 4 compatible 3D Video FX Virtual Studio vol. 1 and the 3D Video FX motion Assembly vol. 1 is available as a set for EUR 59.99 now on About 3D Video FX Virtual Studio vol. 1 the Virtual Studio within iClone allows a professional production and contains all the necessary 3D objects that are necessary to build a modern studios, video podcasts, newscasts or scene Assembly with other videos. Within a very short time, users can assemble new 3D studios or changes for a change of scene. In which objects, such as TV or billboards, easily 3D drag and drop install other video clips or pictures and play in real time along with the action, such as known from television.