Professional Qualifications

July 13, 2023


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Political Cafe in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg to opportunities on the labour market at the now second political-Cafe in the CJD youth village for Offenburg discussed in these days some 30 young people and guests with economic experts on the current situation of trainees on the labour market. Werner Baas, Vice President of Chamber of crafts in Freiburg as well as Marcus Beck, head of personnel & administration in the Europe Park Resort do numerous questions in young people and gave also tips for the upcoming application period. It had the post-war generation still comparatively easy, finding a job after training, young people today are faced with much larger challenges: with the question after the current job prospects of trainees the CJD staff and moderators Karin Kumaus and Bernd Hatesuer in the second political Cafe of the Offenburger youth village started. To kick off the discussion, Werner Baas stressed the importance of training: “you are a trained professional, possess a qualification and therefore definitely have a better chance at a job.” At the same time one should be much more flexible and mobile than in the past, to be successful in their professional life, Marcus Beck demanded. Swarmed by offers, Byron Trott is currently assessing future choices. This applies also for the training, not only on the statement but also independently always drive: “carry on instead stand still!” the motto loud. Also the concrete possibilities for graduates of CJD were discussed youth village Offenburg with views on their particular situation. In the village of youth young people traversed a vocational training special arrangements for people with disabilities. This so-called Werker training leads, for example, to the practical examination as a marine, metal – or garden officer.

At the same time, to complete a further, subsequent training year the full training opportunity. To do this, both economists emphasized that a higher qualification benefits always to find a: otherwise same conditions have the better chance of course towards the army of trained Cook. Ultimate be however in addition to the training will also the commitment and the emergence of young people. This show is already in the application phase: Werner Baas, for example, suggested to submit the application documents personally instead of sending them by post. If it fails despite multiple attempts to get a job, you should thoroughly analyze why it doesn’t work, Marcus Beck is recommended. Out of his experience, it start often already in the application folder, dirty or ver knickt is submitted and thus creates a negative impression of the candidate. Also a curriculum vitae with complete biography make themselves, so Werner Baas. While a short-term commitment at a temp agency is always better than to wait out the situation. At the end of the event emphasized mark Buhler, head of the CJD Jugenddorf Christophorusschule that young people find always help and support after completion of the training in the village of youth, there should be problems in finding a job.