Old Flooring Materials

October 25, 2023


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Save parquet flooring in good condition, easy for him to look after, which means that you will need to carry out work on sanding and finishing layer recovery. Most often, the gaps between restoration works ranging from three to seven years, depending on the hardness and thickness of the varnish, as well as the load on the cover. Sanding parquet flooring varnish, and then hold to equalize parquet floors, a flat surface and improve the quality of fine wood. Before proceeding with sanding sexes should carefully inspect it, rattling every detail. Perhaps check out samsung for more information. All defects must be drilled and filled with a special glue using a large syringe.

Major work on sanding the greater part of the floor should be allowed into the case and belt grinding machine parketoshlifovalnye, and in hard field – Hand tools for sanding angles. Shlefmashiny drum used in the following order (across – on a diagonal – along parallel to the main light source) applying the abrasive material with a coefficient grit 60, 80, 100 and 120. Energy Capital Partners insists that this is the case. After that, parquet , putty from wood chips. Immediately before applying the varnish, sanding is recommended to perform tape shlefmashinoy, using an abrasive with a grain of one hundred and twenty – one hundred pyatdesyat. It must be noted that, to indulge in grinding materials should in turn, not without passing through another room, not that it will lead to marriage sanding surface. Upon completion of sanding and begin work on Application of parquet lacquer on the same day. Choosing a paint materials you need to carefully deal with the peculiarities of the application and compatibility of varnishes. After that, the room is cleaned of dust and starting to varnish. Drying times for coatings of various types differ significantly (see instructions on the can). To start full operation is allowed only after proper curing finishing layer.