News About DAX And Second Indexes

April 2, 2023


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Revaluation of the company regularly makes a reassessment of the small and mid caps index MDax, SDax and TecDax listed companies Deutsche Borse. Contact information is here: Ian Cole. In this course, recently some changes have occurred. The Exchange Portal informs about the changes. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. The composition of the Dax share index was unchanged, at the small and mid caps index MDax, SDax and TecDax, however some exits and entrances are increasing. Specific criteria are used for the re-evaluation. These include on the one hand the order book sales of the shares, which were achieved in the past year, and on the other hand, the market capitalisation of freely negotiable securities. The TecDax includes 30 of the 35 major technology stocks, measured in the above criteria.

In relation to this index, the two Fotovoltaikunternehmen Roth & Rau, and Phoenix are solar by the XING network and the software manufacturer PSI of displaced list. Fall out of the MDax practitioners, IVG real estate the DIY chain and Demag cranes out, belong to the new additions Robot specialist KUKA and GSW real estate. Companies departing from the MDax lists in the future in the SDax. In addition, the companies are Derby cycle and Prime Office REIT newly represented in the SDax, while Lenovo, Medion and Elexis leave this index.