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In some way or another, all participate in any social network. Much has been said of the potential of social networks as a tool for sales, however, in this article we will try social networks in conjunction with the generation of content to be a tool of positioning for your website.<! more > generate Contentscreate and offer content always gives us benefits, reputation and reliability are some of them, but additional to that sharing knowledge is a great contribution to the community and your customers will thank you for you share with them and not just zealously safeguard their knowledge.Active networks SocialesLas social networks from the point of view of positioning tools are important because they allow us to disseminate our content to a segmented audience and therefore a public with greater potential for prospects. We can obtain an interaction that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, this brings them closer to you and your company.Add the generation of content to their networks SocialesSi well generate content is good and social networks are good, so should the combination of both be doubly good?. The answer is Yes, but it depends on technical aspects to make this really becomes a pair of power and a tool of positioning for your website.The key to make this pair will become a tool of positioning for our web site, depends on some main aspects. Existence and quality of links: to represent an article generated us a value of positioning should contain links to our website.

Our link label must contain the words of interest that relates to our web site. A link without keywords, does not represent greater benefit to our positioning. Generation of contents of interest and frequently: very little contribute us the generation of an article every 4 months, because in this way we will be never considered as a source of information. We have to be consistent to generate content. Of course with topics of interest to our users and related to our site. Disclosure of content: Although publish our content in our website or a blog is important, is not the only place where we may disclose it. Many social networks allow us to share our knowledge and many software tools allow us to disclose it to several of them automatically.

Remember that virtually all Internet is stored, and if we do well, we almost permanent traces to our web site. Generate content, provide knowledge to the community, gain confidence and credibility.We hope this information is useful for the success of your presence on the Internet.If you wish to obtain more information or hire any of these services, please contact us. Article on IZARIS Blog: social networks and generation of content for your Web site Santiago de Queretaro, Qro. Mexico.