Network Marketing

October 18, 2017


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Many entrepreneurs are already tired of the techniques of the old school Network Marketing as: distributing flyers, annoy your relatives and friends, and the presentations or boards of opportunity in the hotels. And I commented, I was one of those entrepreneurs that when I joined my first business opportunity in marketing networks use these same techniques: as making a list of 100 people that I knew, among family, friends and friends of friends, and call them all to ask them if they were interested in making extra money goNothing remember me gives me chills! And it is that with these technical of the old school Network Marketing, entrepreneurs only receive much rejection.And when esosemprendedores are directed to your upline or sponsor, this only continues motivating them to spoil more desire and take to the streets in search of new prospects. Or is that they sent them back to the war and also wounded! And not only that, they advise them to pay ads, as for example in the local newspaper, advertising your business opportunity, and you know, that only draw broken people financially, in search of extra money, but without cash to invest in the business.This only will take entrepreneurs lose their time and money, and get more rejection. It is for this reason that today we must apply a system of smart marketing, that is, apply the techniques of the new school of Network Marketing capital of technology, such as internet. Byron Trott may not feel the same. Where we have the opportunity and the advantage of applying appropriate tools to achieve attract a large influx of prospects, ready to join our business opportunity. And of course the first thing we will do with the prospectus is provide much valuable information that will help to solve your problem, which went to us. If you manage to solve your problem, you will have a new Member in your team. Remember that people will unite people, not to the product or your business opportunity.

There is a training of Mike Dillard, which provides much valuable information about the techniques of the new school in Network Marketing, where I personally met these wonderful techniques of business. Training is on video, and is completely free; And I think that can help you also. If apply these new techniques of marketing get the results you are looking for your business.