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The utility of Retwitear (RT) has always been a highly appreciated Twitter ability to disseminate those contents that reach us and we believe that they should be spread virally among our followers. The ability to retwitear by typing RT, it has been surpassed by Twitter at the foot of each twiteo incorporating a new button that enables this operation and at the time adds capabilities to the action of Retwiteo very interesting. You’ll see it under each tweeted, just like the delete button and others. This utility is being incorporated into the Twitter clients of phased in such a way that it is possible that your account has not yet available.It will arrive at all. Now, a symbol adviertiendo that is, in addition to a photo of the original author of the feed, your name and the original post and under the content, the name of which appears next to each retwiteado feed, retwiteo. The importance of this new button, lies in the ease with which can make reach content of those whom we follow, our supporters, becoming a part of marketing express for those who follow on a daily basis because we believe that they broadcast quality content. Now well, in the same way, our followers, can disseminate our photo, name and post instantly among his own followers, so that the viral spread of our posts that may be doors we even don’t know where.

Let’s imagine that we have 100-200 followers and a percentage of them us retwitea this can assume a growth of authority or very important influence in our community. However, it is worth remembering that success on Twitter, in the same way as in nuestroBlog, will always be based on content that we publish, that ultimately is what our supporters are interested. Can you imagine to be Retwiteado by a user with 300 thousand followers? Has something happened to you? Cuentanoslo here to make us learn of your success. New utility Retweet once options function to be incorporated into your account, you will see on the right sidebar, in addition to the usual options of followers, lists, etc a new heading that says: RETWEETS. This section has three paragraphs in the menu: Retweets of others shows the retweets from those to which you follow your Retweets shows tweets that your have retwiteado your Tweets Retwiteados is the more interesting and shows your tweets that have been retwiteados and by whom, so you can make a total follow-up of as they are scattered by the network your Tweets.

Very useful indeed. As we see, in the end is that with this function we can control how our content are scattered by the network, another way to get to more people and maybe get more followers or more subscriptions to our blogs or sites. This new facility that gives us Twitter, not guarantee success but may help us much or at least give us things when making network and community around our content. Is this function in your account already activated? Tell us if you already have it and in your case if you’ve had some experience with it or simply your opinion. You can leave a comment here. If you want to subscribe to our blog to not miss in the future other innovations like this that we’re going to have. Original author and source of the article