Justice For Menezes And The Latinos Of Uk

July 25, 2023


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Justice on the day of the dead yesterday on the day of the dead began to do justice to the only latino died in London due to a serious mistake police. The first of November the Henriques judge ruled that the Metropolitan Police is guilty of negligence in the assassination of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes occurred on 22 July 2005. The resolution came to 831 days since the South American electrician of 27 years of age outside executed at 10 AM by anti-terrorist squads in the Stockwell subway believing that he was a human bomb in Al Qaeda. The case lasted four weeks and has cost taxpayers some 3 million pounds (us $ twice) and the police has been sentenced to pay more than half a million pounds (one million dollars): 385,000 must pay legal costs and 175,000 in fines. Lawyers for the young native of Matto Grosso questioned defenders of the police who tried to present to the victim as a person who was drugged and aggressive. The videos show that Jean Charles came quietly to the metro station and that not jumped on the ticket office as I was initially claimed.

He had no greater physical resemblance with no terrorist and that he was shot while previously it had sought him intercept or stop, despite the fact that agents followed him when he entered and fell on the bus has also been tested. The Latino community and Jean Charles until the date the British police has never killed any gunman from Al Qaeda and the only victim that has occurred is that of a South American innocent. Jean Charles was a humble immigrant who, like most of the latinos of UK, earned his life working to help their relatives in their homeland. His death occurred in the middle of the season holidays and big Latino Carnival in London.