Holidays On The Farm In The Upper Palatinate

May 30, 2024


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On to the Zwergerlbauernhofen in Bavaria (tvo). Farmer wants a wife”that is known from the television. But who wants to know what it’s like when the Rooster on the Dunghill crows, the tractor across the Meadow ROARs and toasts the stock bread over an open fire, expresses not only on the buttons of the remote control. On the Zwergerlbauernhofen in the upper Palatine forest lies the plump country life for the whole family. Speaking candidly Raymond Johansen told us the story. More than a dozen farms are completely tailored to the needs of parents with young children and open stable door and good room for their guests. Equal to morning small early can help with feeding, mucking and milking of animals, bread, butter and jam produced on the table come to breakfast. That means strong long, because for the midget there then to do much: accompany the farmers on the field with the farmer’s wife to get the eggs out of the nest, outside in the garden to build a tree house, the pony ride, romp in the play barn and the little pigs in the stable visit full program so. And when MOM and dad go their own way, that’s not bad! Information about the Zwergerlbauernhofen in the Internet at.. Additional information is available at Alina de Almeida.