Heating Systems in Russia

Installation of heating systems using heat pumps is to advanced energy-saving high-tech and in the future, be able to make a viable alternative to heating systems based on traditional energy sources in terms of scarcity and price rise. Heat pumps are widely and successfully used for the past dozen years, and their principle of operation is known for over 150 years. Having shown themselves to be reliable, highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe technology devices, heat pumps have become in many countries an integral part of housing and communal services. On the efficiency of heat pumps in domestic it makes sense to talk in more detail. The thermal energy needed for heating homes, taken from the earth, where temperature is constant, but are not limited to the amount of heat. Electricity lost by heat pump is only required for Delivery of this heat into the house. Here, there is savings by reducing energy costs, maintenance and depreciation of heat pumps, the life of not less than 30 years. Heat pumps require only periodic inspection, while the main part of a costly installation of the external heat transfer, which is as long as there is a house.

No other heating equipment can not compete with heat pumps, it is for a period of just physically out of order. In this case the monthly cost of heating during the heating season after installing a heat pump in comparison, for example, with the option diesel fuel are reduced by almost five times! In Russia, the heating systems using heat pumps are still rare. It's not just contempt for the environment, their own security and the 'starry-eyed', through which we look at oil, gas and other traditional energy sources. Little information. Not even the heat pump itself, but of those who will be able to install them so that they work 'without problems'. A distinctive feature of the company, which is to be trusted is the use of technology and strict adherence to carry out work that meets applicable standards, rigorous quality control on the part of engineers and professionals trained in the European manufacturers of heat pumps and have adopted their experience in installation, real objects, confirming the professionalism and skills of workers. At installation of heating systems using heat pumps should be used only original materials and components, as a rule, reputable European brands.

Under ground probes must pass the full range of tests at the factory. All connections are made with the use of electric sockets, ensuring reliable and stable operation over the entire lifetime. After installing the probe into the borehole annulus is filled with a special solution that provides a tight and long lasting, physically stable pairing of the probe with the surrounding soil, and good heat transfer, prevent disruption of aquifers. In doing so, the company can not only implement the full range of activities and services to its clients: from the drafting of installation and delivery of equipment to ensure ongoing monitoring of the installed heating system, change the parameters and settings using the remote access – but also to diagnose the system already installed, consult as better use of them.