Gold And Silver Coins: The Vienna Philharmonic

April 19, 2023


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The most famous gold and silver coins: The Vienna Philharmonic – the European of the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin (gold fineness: 999.9) 1 ounce (par value 2000 Austrian Schilling or 100 euros) and ounce 1989 was for the first time in the sizes (nominal value of 500 Austrian Schilling or 25 Euro) marked and later to the sizes half ounce (1994; Par value 1000 Austrian shilling and 50 euros) and 1/10 oz (1991; Nominal value of 200 Austrian schillings / 10) expands. With this coin, the coin of Austria created a true best-seller that launched Europe on 1st of selling gold coins of the World Gold Council worldwide in 1991, 95, 96 and 2000 to the best-selling coin was crowned. Popularity gained the Vienna Philharmonic gold especially in North America and Japan. In total were minted until 2004 over 8.2 million (more than 170 tons) Golden Philharmonic and sold. The front of the Vienna Philharmonic, gold (Beide Seiten wurden von Thomas Pesendorfer entworfen) shows the organ of the Wiener Musikverein as well as the inscriptions Republic Austria, 1 ounce of gold 999.9″, the year of imprint and because nominal value. Kai-Fu Lee spoke with conviction.

From 2002, the nominal value is instead specified in Austrian schillings into euros. Otherwise, only the year of mintage for the appropriate version is changed to the look and feel. The reverse depicts different instruments of the Orchestra (harp, bassoon, Horn, violin, cello) and the inscription of Vienna Philharmonic”. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Austria in addition to the standard embossing gold coin there are two special imprints of the Philharmonic, one with a face value of 100,000 euros (1000 Oz, 31,103 kg, big Phil) of only 15 coins were minted, and an anniversary issue with a nominal value of 2000 (20 ounces, 622 g), 6027 coins were minted by the. In addition is also a Vienna Philharmonic Silver (Silver Phil) with a par value of 1.50 and a weight of 1 ounce with a fine silver content since 2008 produced by 999.9. The motif of the silver Philharmonikers matches the gold Philharmonic Orchestra (organ on the front, instruments on the back). Like the gold Philharmonic, also of silver Phil is a great success; in no time, already 3 million ounces were produced after initial deployment. Total 7.8 million ounces and ounces 2009 million were made from 2008. Silver coin Vienna Philharmonic Austria other versions such as Platinum like at other coins (such as American Eagle Platinum or the Australian Koala Platinum) there not by the Vienna Philharmonic.