Flexibility Loadbalancer

May 27, 2016


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If you contact the Loadbalancer.org support team, we will usually immediately put you with the technician who then advise you prior to the acquisition of the unit or already helped you in the past. Thus, you get fast solutions every time and in every situation. Our technicians know our products inside out and have on average more than 4 years experience in the development, application and the optimal implementation of our solutions. 3 Years free warranty as standard all Loadbalancer.org devices have a 3-year hardware warranty as standard. The scope of this warranty depends on the hardware of your choice.

3 Year return guarantee at Supermicro or 3-years technician suburb on the next working day at Dell. The choice is yours. Learn more at: Samsung. Unique USB flash drive backup & disaster recovery method used by Loadbalancer.org, the For backups and disaster recovery using USB port, is unique. On the enterprise each configuration using a USB stick can be restored load balancer products. On each stick of 1 GB or more, complete configurations can be stored and later without the help of the IT specialist personnel restored. Simply insert the backup USB before reboot and already the Loadbalancer.org is configure device itself.

This unique possibility of USB backup and disaster recovery can significantly time and a fast and efficient solution that is incredibly easy to save money. Unlimited phone and email support, updates and maintenance unlike other providers offer unlimited support via phone or email and unlimited updates and maintenance all technical-support contracts from Loadbalancer.org. These services together with the online live chat service allow us our reputation as the best support for load balancer to meet be. Flexibility Loadbalancer.org is extremely flexible in level and scope of the offered support. The support contract is not your requirements – our – adapted. If you have additional requirements to the conditions listed below, then you sit with us together, to develop a personal support plan. With the acquisition of our technical support, we will automatically extend your hardware warranty and give you access to online safety and extensions. responsible for content: M.Turnbull, Loadbalancer.org GmbH