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June 12, 2023


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Bad breath is one of the taboo-topics No. 1 (PA) bad breath is one of the taboo-topics No. 1. While quite a few under bad smelling breath gases suffer. Wrong, the cause is suspected rashly in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Rather, tooth and gum disease, poorly fitting dentures, leaking fillings and coverings on the root of the tongue are responsible for the evils which the diamond-dental clinic in Budapest now thoroughly moves with a new, coordinated Behandungsprogramm to tackle in 9 out of 10 cases. Thus a smile again as refreshing smells, how it looks. Budapest. A life artist starts the day by kissing something beautiful. This wisdom out of his mouth came the Italian actor and heartthrob Marcello Mastroianni. More than this refreshing quip unlikely; Bad breath certainly does not. Then the annoying would have probably severe hardships. The unpleasant vapours from the mouth are but rightly feared than brute ungulate, which since the beginning of the Humanity already so some interpersonal relationship bud in the germ might have stifled.

Suffocation meets s by the way, pretty much. Since halitosis, as the bad breath in the jargon is called, becomes noticeable by brooding foul-smelling fumes from the mouth. Unfortunately only the environment. Itself, however, this fact is bound rarely those affected on your unsuspecting nose, and therefore, they are usually the last ones who realize the reason that they can suddenly no longer smell their fellow human beings. Or want to. The reason is that the man quickly accustomed to the own body odour, explained Dr. Udo Reimann. The experienced dentist and head of the diamond dental clinic based in Budapest, Hungary, engaged for a long time tackling this extremely disreputable taboo issue. To bring the own breath freshness to check as it were its own naesig, holds experienced physician recommendations such as, in the hollow of the hand little.