Blogger Custom Typefaces

April 25, 2023


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Add Blogger custom typefaces can improve the appearance of your blog. Before I explain how to add them, it is good to know how they work fonts on blogger. Blogger templates, can use any type of letter that you want to, but you can see correctly only if the user who sees the page has that kind of letter installed on your computer. Using the technique of embedding fonts, it is possible to use any font in your blog and you can see viewers, even if they have no letter type installed on their computers. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information. These are some alternative methods to add custom fonts to your blog: Google Font API Kernest Font API Cufon JavScript Font Embedding 1. Google Fonts API. This is the best method and the more robust to add fonts custom to your blog.

Uses the technique of @ font-face, but no need to worry about the resources of the system, which is the problem of technique @ font-face in blogger. You can view the list of available fonts in the Google font directory. When you select a type of lyrics in particular, Google gives you the code to use on your blog. Something like this: this code you have to modify it in the following way: changes the sign > finish by / >. Once you change it, you will be something like this: Add the code into the blog now on the page of your blog on blogger, in control panel, go to the tab design-> edit HTML for the label and just after paste the code we had prepared.

Use new type of lyrics on your Blog you can use the new type of lyrics in any of your font CSS definitions, for example, to change the font in the titles of the Posts, then you can use this CSS code: font-family: CustomFontName, serif; This code that you see indicates that SERIF typeface will be used in the event that something does not go well using new type of letter. We recommend using this type of letter of security for avoid unexpected behavior.After editing the CSS with our new font, add the code > in your template. Thus: In this way you can easily modify the definitions of CSS fonts in your plantlla. How to use several own typefaces in the template Blogger when you use several own typefaces, don’t need then add several times the CSS codes in the code, can add the fonts list only once.For example, if you plan to add 3 new typefaces, Tangerine, Inconsolata, Droid Sans, can do it once and adding the code: you must just separate the names of typefaces with the symbol .Once done that, you can already add the CSS code of your template, something so: font-family: Tangerine, serif; #header h1 font-family: Inconsolata, serif; .sidebar h2 font-family: Droid Sans, serif; Extra configuration by default, Google API provides the normal font version, and if you need to bold, italic, or bold and italic versions at the same time, you need add: b,: i or: bi to the name of the letter in the code. For example, if you need to add bold and italic version to Tangerine typeface, then you must use the code: hope that it, in preparation the other two methods.