Almeida On-line

June 28, 2020


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Are prerogatives directed in three crucial questions for this agreement, but in which, they possess an intrinsic interconnection: the limitations of the technological accessibility, the questions of infrastructure technique and the lack of knowledge related to the cultural dynamic in nets. The first question is on to the limitations of accessibility imposed by the ways of control to the access to the Internet, adjusted for the regional polar regions them promotional institutions of the modality on-line. For many, deriving of the interior, these polar regions equipped with computers are the only place of access to web, but they meet disabled to offer to a flexibility space and time to the pupils due to the fulfilment of periods preset for its use. Strengthening this problematic one, the socioeconmicas conditions of many cities of the interior of the Maranho disfavor the interest in the acquisition and use of computers. Many pupils in process of qualification for these polar regions are deriving of the layers poor and with this, they use these regular moments to also establish, the first contacts with the technologies of computer science. This present reality in the majority of the provincial regions of the Maranho is one empecilho considerable to the education projects on-line opened, because it finishes imposing to the pupil an only place for its displacement, beyond schedules stipulated for the access to the Internet.

The planning of a course on-line if structure in the communicative possibilities of the Internet, essentially in the interactive perspectives disponibilizadas for the process teach-learning, dinamizando the geographically distant mediaes between pupils and professors. It is a vital atrelamento for a process that implies in one high one interchanges capable to subsidize its metodolgicas perspectives. As it remembers to Almeida (2009) to the modality on-line has as characteristic more emphatical, the speed in the exchange of information, feedback between pupils and professors, and interatividade degree, where they are exercised in flexibilizados periods.