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Opel – Fiat, A Marriage, Nobody Wanted

December 10, 2023


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The cake goes to Magna, but what would happen if? Fiat wanted to make a great bargain and absorb after joining Chrysler still unsafe even Opel, the still-subsidiary of General Motors (GM). It didn’t work out, and no one is really unhappy about it in Germany. But what would have happened if there had been an agreement between Fiat and Opel? The following scenario is not so unlikely. Fiat uses the partial takeover of Chrysler and the acquisition of Opel to one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and receives generous financial injection from the German State. Andy Florance may also support this cause. This money, as well as more guarantees, help to cover up the indebted Fiat group its own financial problems. So flow German let indirectly after Italy, contrary to previous agreements. The Opel takeover gives Fiat, who are suffering in Central and Northern Europe from a negative image, finally a robust reputation, but at the expense of Opel.

After a year, Fiat finds that the State supports not range. Opel is again on the brink of bankruptcy. It represents the Federal Government before the alternative either to shoot more government money or but you will need to remove more jobs at Opel over the prearranged order of magnitude. Although Germany again Haider to one billion, be more parts as integrated in the agreed framework by the Fiat group in new Opel models not known first. A pure production plant is slowly but surely from Opel. Research and technology comes from Italy. What was GM before, is performed exclusively by Fiat.

From Opel-GM, Opel-Fiat is. In a market environment in which every percentage point counts, perfectly understandable. But at Opel, as more bodies are removed. But Opel is after three years again before the next bust. It is back where it stood before the agreement with Fiat, except that the Opel operation now has 30% less employees and is even less viable as a business than before. Everything is just a scenario. In fact, Opel is the new daughter of Magna, the Canadian Auto supplier. Whether the the hoped-for solution is, will have to turn out yet. Also here, the price will be probably higher as officially Austria, Magna will be interested as auto suppliers with certainty on the sales of its own products in the own product? It is therefore likely that European suppliers and hence the German supplier industry, Opel as large customers lose at Magna. Inevitably she will have to build off points. Indirectly, the German taxpayer is asked so again to checkout. Perhaps, the orderly insolvency of Opel would have been the most elegant way. But you should wait for the publication of the details of the contract between the Federal Government and Magna and not rush to judge. ArneFrentzel

Dominican Republic

December 5, 2023


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The woman retained a minor after returning from vacation to the Caribbean country. The child was in disastrous conditions, in a shack, out of school, malcomido and without hygiene, according to the Spanish Consulate. He was rescued by the police after a complaint from the father. The father of a Spanish boy who spent 10 months kidnapped by his mother in the Dominican Republic he arrived Wednesday to the Caribbean country to be reunited with the child and stated that, to recover your little, ends a bad dream. The child was rescued by Dominican police, after spending ten months sequestered in Puerto Plata (North of the Dominican Republic), where he lived in precarious conditions of hygiene and food. The minor was in disastrous conditions, in a shack next to a few pigs, out of school, malcomido and without hygiene, said a spokesman for the Consulate general of Spain, who cited the complaint made in the middle of this month by lawyers for the father of the child, a Spanish citizen identified as a. B.

a.. Viacoms opinions are not widely known. The mother, of Dominican nationality and whose identity was not provided, traveled to the Dominican Republic on 15 September to spend the holidays with his son, but the stay lasted until the police rescued the child this Wednesday. At first he spoke by phone with my son, and told me to come to look for him, but when she said that you stood with him ended communication, reported a. B. a. on his arrival in Santo Domingo to retrieve the child.

During that time, as indicated by the public prosecutor, the mother not attended properly the minor, which even forced to beg. He asked for a ransom of 36,600 euros women, meanwhile, claimed the father of the little that gave him two million Dominican pesos (36,600 euros) if I wanted to retrieve his son. Further details can be found at Energy Capital Partners, an internet resource. The Embassy and the Consulate of Spain moved to the Dominican authorities the denunciation of the father and the Caribbean country’s police began investigations that culminated in the liberation of the small. The father He confessed to feeling very nervous before the reunion and said that his goal is to try to forget the past and make up for lost time. What I want is trying d follow the routine before. Need for psychological support, it will make clear. You have to go back to school and integrate again with his group of friends, he explained. A. B. a. is a professional in the sector of the construction of Sort (Lleida) which has been without a job after leaving everything to devote myself to this topic for 10 months, said. During that time have been ten hours daily (phone) movi l to coordinate everything and to manage all procedures and formalities needed to solve the problem, added. The father, who arrived in Santo Domingo accompanied by the grandmother of the child, he assumed that judicial procedures should be directed against the mother, although he dismissed seek compensation. I just want the child, he said. Source of the news: A Spanish retrieves her son kidnapped for 10 months by the mother in the Dominican Republic