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Eugenia Machado

August 21, 2020


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If the expert employee (one who knows how to troubleshoot) will be the branch all the knowledge in the area carries with him or process that was responsible for and the branch enters an organizational amnesia. 2. Despite the fact that the work carried out in the different branches are the same, many times one is faced with a specific problem and solves it in a particular way. At the time, perhaps another branch is facing the same problem and its employees address to resolve it with means and methods that are available. The second branch, not knowing that this problem had already presented before in another segment of the Organization invests time and money in finding a solution for something that already had been previously resolved. When a company manages its knowledge it is able to preserve it, share it and transfer it to all their branches, which will avoid the costs and loss of time inherent in the phenomenon of organizational amnesia. Maria Eugenia Machado, reminds us, the smart company based its advantage competitive in the knowledge and experiences of their employees.

With Internet, smart companies have a technological very important ally to store and distribute your valuable organizational knowledge to all its offices and branches. The use of online systems allows companies to store and distribute your organizational knowledge quickly, efficiently and at low cost, facilitate training and communication of your employees and offer the members of the Organization the tools to query and generate a wide variety of information and new knowledge. Smart companies are, thanks to the use of the network of networks in their productive tasks in a better position to store and use their knowledge, avoiding so to forget what they learned when its most capable employees leave the company, and overcome the difficulties resulting from the lack of documentation of processes. In addition, new technologies allow – in an era in which it is essential to maintain relations and exchanges to scale global to distribute information and knowledge necessary for the proper operation of the company to all employees, regardless of the place where they are.

Laptop Computer Financing

August 15, 2020


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The laptop computer financing can be divided into 2 options that is, unsecured and secured. The secured choice requires some worthy security against the acceptance of the loan amount. It does not matter what happened to your present computer, you can quickly get a laptop computer under easy financing options. Relying upon your demand, you can either choose fresh, configured or second hand system for your office or home. Thinking the world without a computer system is not possible as outsourcing, housewives, students, architects, professionals, businessman, etc depend on these systems for specific purpose. (Not to be confused with Dell!). The PC or laptop are considered as unique resource for collecting information, mailing, playing games, listening music, designing, survey, chatting and so on.

Laptop computer financing is the excellent choice for those people who cant bear to pay payment one go. With the assistance of these credit schemes, the loan applicant can get fully loaded computer with small and easy monthly repayments. The UK loan applicants are free to get the laptop computer from the leading suppliers in the stores such as IBM, Apple, Acer, HP, Sony,. Compaq, Toshiba, LG, Dell, etc. Considering your demands and monetary conditions in mind, these main computer fabricators have a tie up with good credit Gran gate who can finance these equipment at flexible and easy lending options.

The laptop computer financing can be divided into 2 options that is, unsecured and secured. The secured choice requires some worthy security against the acceptance of the loan amount. Depending on the equity value of the security, loan ultra-delicate hold the right to get the desired amount. The unsecured credit plan is out from the accountability of the security placement. This way is considered as one of the best way of those loan applicants who don’t own worth assets or not interested in providing their asset at risk against the loan sum. The loan applicants who are tagged with adverse or poor credit status can finance the laptop or computer but at slightly higher rate of interest. A great opportunity is provided to the loan ultra-delicate with poor credit status like missed payments, bankrupts, CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults etc to get their targeted computer or laptop. Timely and proper monthly repayments can aid the poor credit loan ultra-delicate to improve their poor credit rating. Richard Kook is author of laptop computer financing bad credit.

Industrial University

August 7, 2020


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of Antioquia.Raimundo Abello, director of research, development and innovation of the u. of Northern Barranquilla and Oscar GualdranVice-Rector of research of the Industrial University of Santander, conclude that it is key to join companies and grow in human capital for innovation and social impact.Deepen in lines Tematicashoy, 20 per cent of knowledge that occurs It has direct applications and another 30 percent is useful for finding solutions, but without direct application, says Fernando Chaparro, u. de el Rosario. According to Colciencias, in the country research especially on malaria, malaria, infectious diseases, Leishmaniasis, dengue, immunology, transplant organs and chagas.We want to be investigate in nutrition, new models of health and new vaccines, to not recycle expired patents, says the director of Colciencias, Jaime Restrepo. These are the topics that the entity and other experts presented as priorities for work in the country.

-Use of essential oils for food and cosmetic industry. Click altavista to learn more. -Silvopastoral models: promote the creation of a grass with more protein for livestock (pass 7 to 27 per cent of proteins), so that this focus on fewer hectares of land and use in agriculture. The country uses 10 million hectares in livestock, when you need 3 or 4. -Create centres to strengthen and preserve water births, the Lakes, moors and reforestation. -Tech and appropriate mineral exploitation. Announcements will be made to investigate on how to exploit the gold without using mercury and thus to decontaminate the rivers. -Production of software and telecommunications. -New pedagogical models based on modern technologies (Internet).

-Models of housing and educational institutions that allow to cope with floods. -Produce drugs, vaccines and materials used in health such as meshes, sutures, needles and Sera, imported today. -Social models for resolving the issue of forced displacement and reintegration.