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Santiago Cuba

October 13, 2018


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Here is the reserve of the biosphere of Baconao, with the advantage that its coastal area has an excellent hotel infrastructure, without taking into account that is located in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Let us first to inform about the hotels located in this area and subsequently on the reservation to visit. This area is one of the most varied of Cuba regarding types of landscapes, including the type of terrestrial and marine, so if you want them admire must stay overnight in one of the following hotels or camping base before proceeding to Santiago. Coastal hotels include Carisol – Los Corales (3 stars), the Islazul Costa Morena (3 stars) and hotel Club Bucanero (3 stars), all coming from if. In any of them, your stay will be pleasant. Another hotel, the Motel Islazul Gran Piedra (2 stars), is located at high altitude, next to the mountains of the same name. It will be later. Besides the hotels should take into account the basis of camping Playa Larga, located on the beach of the same name.

The biosphere reserve has an area of 849,9 km and is located between the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo. It covers much of the coastal zone and inland mountains, in particular the great stone saw. Within the reserve are protected areas of high values, so it is recommended that you to coordinate your visit to the ministries of tourism, from any of the hotels or the basis of camping that is chosen to rest of Science, technology and environment (CITMA) and agriculture, its Flora and Fauna section, in Guantanamo or Santiago de Cuba. These protected areas are five: three ecological reserves and two protected natural landscapes. Among the first are the Hatibonico (Baconao reserve core area) of Siboney-Jutici and the Mogote peak, while the latter are the Gran Piedra and El Retiro.

There are other places within this reserve that are also attractive and worthy of admiration, but are not included in our national system of Protected Areas, such as the Valley of prehistory, (something similar to the stone Zoo, but different in terms of mode of construction of the figures and because it appears the man and his role in his appearance in the story), the Baconao lagoon, beautiful mirror of water surrounded by mountains and visited by many birds, in addition to the beaches that are scattered along the coast. For all the interesting and attractive there is to visit in the area is that it is recommended that you plan your journey well before arriving at Santiago de Cuba. Least two days will take you to reach the city and if you want to enjoy already mentioned do their planning and book one of the hotels mentioned above. After done, do the same in any of the hotels of Santiago of Cuba, because there is much to admire inside and on the outskirts of this city. See the following numbers and learn about everything concerning its hotels, Santiago de Cuba and the rest of the South coast of the ancient Eastern provinces.

Chord Progression

October 13, 2018


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The turnaround is a chord progression that is commonly used in the last two bars of a topic and you intend to redirect harmony with chord I of tonality. There are a variety of different ways to execute a turnaround, one of the most common and important progressions is as follows: I Vim IIm V7 in C major would look like: Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 G7 now on the basis of this progression is going to do a couple of variants that give as a result a more interesting sound. Example 1 Cmaj7 A7 + 5 Dmi9 G13 change of quality and the addition of some tension. Example 2 substitution of tritone Cmaj7 Eb9 Ab13 Db13 recalls that you must select the correct chords and you should always keep in mind the notes of the melody. You always have to search for new combinations of chords and depending on the style that you touch are the chords that you should use, although it is always good to experiment. Likewise, it is very important that you constantly learn new chords, new positions of the chords already you know, this will give you a very broad harmonic language, which you can use at any time. Remember that different types of chords you can achieve different colors and textures in the management of the harmony.


October 12, 2018


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For example, talk about fire-resistance rating. This figure means of protection is regulated by existing regulations. For steel it is characterized by the number of minutes from the start fire tests to reach a critical temperature (500 0 C) a standard sample of steel construction with flame retardant coating. In advertising, protective coatings can be read "refers to the means of Group 1 fire protection efficiency. " This means that the time to reach the critical temperature must be at least 150 minutes. For the second group the figure – at least 120 minutes and so on. In total there are 6 groups.

For timber introduce other measures of fire protection or impregnating composition. According to GOST 16363-76 (a careful reading of the instructions you will definitely see a link to it), there are only three groups of flame retardant efficiency. Group I – provides slow-wood (weight loss of the prototype during the combustion of certain conditions, the method is not more than 9%). Group II – provides inflammable wood (weight loss of 9 to 30%). Group III – funds do not provide the fire protection of timber (weight loss of more than 30%). Therefore, when buying a flame retardant, look at the number of fire-resistance rating. What he less, the composition better.

Sometimes it happens that the technology of applying the rules of composition and its flow rate depends on its effectiveness. Materials for tissue has its own standard, under which the test results flammable Textile materials are subdivided into flammable and inflammable. What is fire-retardant paint all flame retardants can be divided into impregnation, paints and varnishes. The word "treatment" rather eloquently. They are intended mainly to protect the wood and textile products, that is, for those materials that can infiltrate. If you try to briefly explain the "principle of the" impregnation we can say that certain temperatures in these compounds is substitution reaction with the absorption of energy, which inhibits burning.

Importance Of The Study

October 12, 2018


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Many people complaining of his bad economic situation, others of his little success finding employment. Some attribute this to a streak of bad luck, saladera, Gypsy curse, damage that made him the neighbor, etc. The man since it is born and comes into the world receives their fond parents, food, shelter and education. Education requires all men of the world in age of kindergarten to study. For some school-age children, the study becomes something interesting, allowing you to thoroughly exploit their potential.But for other children, for the vast majority the study becomes something distasteful, boring, that force you to have it occupied. Some even believe that their parents are bad because they penalize them if they get bad grades. Nobody seems to understand the because of the study, because even when the child turns into a teenager finishes high school and high school, thinking about as approving without studying, on how to avoid exposing in a class, in approving to meet.

The purpose of the study is that we discover the truth. The truth of life, things, the world and the society that surrounds us. As We are discovering the truth, we are enhancing our intelligence, developing skills, skills, capabilities, our intelligence. With all our strengthened potential we can transform the reality surrounding us. ASI architects, engineers, technicians, scientists, they have transformed the reality and today we have cities, skyscrapers, computers, machinery, aircraft, ships, spacecraft, all this thanks to the intelligence of men who studied much and created for humanity. There this the reason of being of the study. The study allows us to develop ourselves better as people, develop intellectual capacities, that then we will use in our benefit, either for intellectual work, as managers, entrepreneurs, surgeons, lawyers, politicians and achieve unparalleled economic and social status. People who do not study or studying to fulfill, to pass the exam, are mediocre individuals.

About Sparruf

October 11, 2018


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And we offer additional advantages: as the user with us not on a particular German mobile network is bound, because our prices are valid for every caller no matter, from which network he comes. Also also calls in other countries or in other German mobile phone networks are usually much cheaper than in the normal mobile rate about, Sparruf.” So, only 15 cents per minute apply for connections in any German mobile networks with Sparruf. Talks about in a European network, as well as South Africa, Japan, Brazil or Australia cost only 9 cents in the local mobile phone networks around the clock just 19 cents per minute. For connections in the United States, Canada and many Asian countries, such as the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand are also talks in a virtue mobiles for just 9 cents per minute. Sparruf landline number can get a Sparruf landline number for cheap calls from Russia who wants to allow cost-effective call from Russia, for it. She are there for almost every German local network at a sensational price of one euro per month, in more than one Year period even cheaper. Via this phone number whose owner is reached on his cell phone.

For callers from abroad is a connection to the fixed network, for example, from a comparatively expensive conversation in a German cellular network and which is usually much cheaper. No contract and no other cost savings service incurred any other costs and there is no contract. Only the actual calls are paid. And without software, which must be previously loaded on the phone. “Nikolaus Starzacher: just sign up, call account and start calling.” The Sparruf-service can be tested free of charge.

To each new customer on request will be presented with a euro start balances. About Sparruf: makes cheaper cell phone calls to other mobile phones and abroad as well as from abroad. So half of all mobile and fixed lines are for only 9 cents per minute can be reached worldwide with Sparruf almost, plus any costs for a connection to the fixed network. Calls to German mobile networks cost 15 cents around the clock. For calls from abroad, Sparruf has established its own dial-up numbers in more than 50 countries. Thus, connections are sensationally favourable to Germany or in a third country. Best voice quality is despite lowest prices of course. Because, so the conviction of the Sparruf-Maker: highest quality is the decisive prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers.