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May 19, 2018


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Allelopathy in its direct effect as indirect both get a plant to exert an influence on other plant through the release of chemical compounds to the environment. The effect can be both positive and negative. Obviously the most common is to be negative. The effect may be direct or indirect. Live: On another plant or indirect: on microorganisms.Substances can affect the plant which produces autotoxicidad.Consequence of Allelopathy:-reduction of the growth of the individuals.-reduction of the production of seeds and fruits.-death of other species.-inhibition of germination of seed.These four listed points are observed with the naked eye and it is a direct effect.This occurs when substances affect the plants at the molecular or cellular level.We have:-alteration of the structure and permeability of membranes cell phones.-alteration in the ability to attract and retain H2O and nutrients by the root-effects in photosynthetic, respiratory, rates the indirect effects achieved such allelopathic substances affect bacteria and soil fungi that perform the decomposition of organic matter will therefore affected the rate of decomposition, affects the quality of the plants, these substances also affect mycorrhizal fungi and does not occur the mycorrhization therefore plants grow less.Allelopathic substances are grouped into two large groups:-phenolic substances: phenols are substances that are found in all plants, are soluble to H2O. Its activity is most important in climates moist.-substances terpenoicas: terpenes are volatile, air-borne and are important in dry climates.. Frequently Viacom has said that publicly.

Mobi Lowers Prices For Mobile Phone Calls Abroad

May 17, 2018


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Expanded range to Arabic-speaking countries Frankfurt, may 18, 2010. Mobi, the prepaid mobile radio specialist in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany, has lowered its prices for many countries. At the same time, the company makes really cheap accessible many new destinations in the Arabic-speaking world. Instead of the usual 1.99 per minute, the Gespachspreise in these countries with the CallYa are by mobi pre-paid card from 15 cents per minute. Good news for people who make phone calls with your mobile phone abroad: map cellular connection in 22 countries are now significantly cheaper with the CallYa by mobi. While, for example, has suggested talks in the United States and Canada with 1.99 euros, they cost only 5 cents per minute no matter whether in the fixed network or in a mobile network. Robotics expert shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The prices for connections to Polish landlines have been reduced from 5 to 4 cents, and phone calls cost 8 cents after Serbia from only 7 instead of so far. Especially people from Arabic-speaking countries or from Eastern Europe can excited about significantly lower connection rates. Anyone who has family or friends in Bulgaria, can make calls with them in the future for just 7 cents per minute (previously 10 cents) in the fixed network or for 30 cents per minute (so far 36 cents) in a mobile network. And countries such as Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia are to achieve what such connections have so far cost about mobi now for a fraction. Instead 1,99 EUR per minute prices now between 15 and 29 cents and have declined so by proud 85 to 92 percent. The CallYa by mobi map sensationally cheap prices for phone calls with the mobile excels in the German fixed network, but above all in many countries around the world. “Mobi Managing Director Uwe Becker: millions of people who are from other countries come and live with us, studying, working or vacationing in Germany can maintain contact with friends and relatives in the home without having to take high telephone costs for it.” The whole thing goes easy: The mobi customer buys a CallYa by mobi map with the desired credit balance and can immediately by the cheap prices benefit all unbound and without mobile contract.

New Cellular Phone

May 17, 2018


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Although it seemed that in the age of the cell phone was everything has been said, since the same today deliver various services and benefits such as: photo, video cameras, MP3, GPRS and others, it seems that not all this said. An israeli company develops what would be the world’s smallest cell according to NewLaunches site dot com what could attract millions of consumers looking for less weight and more comfort. The company called Modu, who had already invented the USB flash drive, now going for glory while trying to capture the immense cellular market as reported by its director Dov Moran. Modu aims to launch in October of this year the new cell phone the size of a credit card in three different countries: Italy, Russia, and Israel.. Viacom may find it difficult to be quoted properly.