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Tag Heuer

February 22, 2014


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Similar Lives

February 15, 2014


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Reverse reading google news a few days ago. I saw that they had worked with Anti-hydrogen atoms which is to say, that on Earth, our planet, which is composed of matter, was possible to create atoms of antimatter. Which says that subsequent instant of the big bang was created matter and antimatter together (these are the parts of the theories of the origin of our universe). Well well my article is not focused on these theories if not rather a few that I thought back to what they had read. Researching a bit on the net I read projects that have been made subsequent to the 1960s which have the purpose of finding antimatter in our universe. Although galaxies or places not found in the universe with antimatter is not discarded the possibility that exists in this. Well come to the point. If there is a place with enough antimatter I thought that there could be a place like the Earth that we could call Anti Earth which means this, that owns the molecules of matter that we have in our planet but of Antimatter.

Which gives us as a possible existence of life. In these circumstances which mean that living beings like us but with an arrangement of different atoms there are. Although it is something that I cannot prove I consider that it is not a theory that has no fundamentals well it is the same as life as we know but arranged differently. The second thing I thought about after this article is that if our universe is matter but also considers the existence of antimatter could there be a universe parallel where this would be composed of antimatter and what has disappeared is matter. I think that these are really open and debatable theories by everyone. But valid meeting that someone is interested in this if you want to know more about what is antimatter inviting them to investigate on the net as well wiki called possesses information well specified.