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Royal Spanish Language Academy

January 6, 2011


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With its diverse meaning, understood more as a synonym for a imparticiona , that the species is also applicable, because undoubtedly we speak of justice, which the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Language Academy is a the action of the courts to whom the power belongs exclusively to implement the laws in court civil and criminal, and whose functions are to try and make it run as juzgado.a In addition to the above, if we consider that a Oeun court is a group of people performing a given task, a means or instrument for execution of an order. More than one organ, is an organization: a group of people looking for a specific purpose or perform a certain function, a set of people with adequate means to an end run determinadoa , we must accept that the wise leadership of the court, require its holder, the effective management of human and material resources in order to meet the individuals who demand the judicial activity, expectations that today, the generality required in providing a particular service.

Then I think we can encompass the functions of a court under the following three main functions: * Provide Justice. * Manage the resources and procedures related to the process. * Provide direct care to the public. However, based on the fundamental premise that everything that you can not manage, you can not control, it is undeniable that the true function of the organization, will depend largely on the level of control that the owner of the organization resources to bear on mainly on material and human resources that are legally available to fulfill the judicial function, which strongly continuous, will be hampered by a series of a barrerasa technical, bureaucratic and economic, among others, and derived daily various causes and circumstances, shall be submitted to any organization with the nature of a court.